Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Toddle A-Lottle!

Look at me! Posting 2 days in a row! How awesome is that? 
Today was quite busy. Z spent the morning down at school working on Studio. So Buzz and I had some one-on-one time which mostly consisted of him kvetching at me. Suffice it to say I didn't get much of anything done.
The photos on this post are a random mishmosh of pictures that I've been saving up to post but hadn't gotten around to it. (Also I just wanted to clarify that Buzz did NOT wear ALL of these outfits on the same day.)
In the picture above Buzz was pretending to be Z - since all Z does when he's home is sit on the couch and play on his ipod. I guess the kid has got the right idea.
Our amazing cousins bought Buzz an awesome gift that he absolutely LOVES! He had a blast unwrapping it and he's been pushing fuzzy-friends around the house ever since he realized that he could. Nothing went to waste from this gift - we're even using the nice big box that it came in as a toy box for Buzz (til' he eats it anyway...)
Hamster Looie was a gift from Aunt Freddie. He was a little too lifelike and gave her he heebie-jeebies. Buzz has no complaints though and is great pals with the little stuffed rodent.
 Monkey-See-Monkey-Do. I always caution Buzz that the oven is 'HOT HOT HOT!' and he ~knows~ not to touch it. But I walked in on the situation below the other day... I guess he assumed that if I can touch the oven with the mitts on so can he. (Note to self: stow mitts IN the drawer now that Buzz is evidently tall enough to reach up and grab them off of the counter!)
Uncle Timmy returned this big ol' IKEA chair to The FamBily Home this past weekend. Buzz REALLY liked it. A lot! When we move I think we might kidnap it - unless of course the Freddies' want it for their palace...
I caught Buzz meditating out on the porch this morning. I'm not sure what he was cooking up - but it involved an enormous bowl, a whole batch of measuring cups and a funnel.
Did I mention that we signed our lease today? We'll actually be moving to The Sun House for the next two years! How exciting is that?! Well, we're pretty excited. We found a great 3 bedroom apartment, which happens to be brand new, right near the Anglo neighborhoods, and oh yeah, it has central air-conditioning! In the last 10 years no apartment that I've ever rented had such a luxury. So I'm pretty excited!

And a longer video (from before he 'found his groove'). At least now I understand why they call them 'Toddler's.

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