Thursday, May 23, 2013

Unicorns - PeepPeepPeep!

I won't even try to make excuses for my prolonged absence. Instead I'll tell you all about how Sarah Leah came over last Shabbos (which was a lot of fun) and about how Buzz is walking all over the place, and finally figured out how to stand in one place without toppling over.
We finally used our waffle iron this week and Buzz absolutely LOVED the heart shaped 'funfetti' waffles that he ate for breakfast every morning this week!
I'm pretty sure that I missed posting about Shavuot. We spent the holiday in The Sun House with The Freddies and the rest of the famBily. It was highly amusing, entertaining, and actually went by very quickly! Ayala joined us at the famBily house and that was awesome too!
Buzz's personality and sense of humor have been growing by leaps and bounds. I'm now almost convinced that small children's extra-weirdness is stored in their hair. (Buzz's mane is an untamable poof of fuzz and only lays flat after a bath for approximately 34 seconds.)
Our garden is growing very nicely. The tiny orange tree is holding a whole bunch of teeny baby oranges, the peppers are budding and blooming, and I even saw a few flowers on the little tomato plants that I've been nurturing since sometime last fall.
We celebrated a birthday today. It was for one of Z's friends. I figured it was a good excuse to go 'all out' and make a 'fancy' cake. Lunch was pasta with roasted cherry tomato and garlic, and 2 loaves of peasant bread. Dessert spoke for itself. It was delicious too - as if something that looked that good wouldn't have tasted great!
 The guys played Settlers and I got a nice break for the first time in a few days.
Yesterday we spent the day out of the house because we finally caved and had an exterminator come and spray the whole apartment. Our ant/silverfish 'problem' had become a full-blown infestation. Since the spray-warranty only lasts '3 months' for ants I figured that the last 3 months in this apartment should be as enjoyable as possible.
Next week we need to buy a new microwave - because ours finally suffered a fatal short. I've been using that microwave for at least 6 years (though I'm pretty sure it's closer to 7 or 8...) Anywho - the door was getting hard to open and close, and its time had been coming for a while now. We also have to take the laptop to the IBM lab to see if they can diagnose why it's been running so hot that it burns skin after about half an hour and to see whether they can reattach our 'enter' key (which Buzz so happily popped off).
We'll be spending the weekend in The Sun House because the weather is supposed to skyrocket of Shabbos. I can't wait until we live in an apartment with air-conditioning! Then we won't need to leave home every time there's a heatwave, or the summer weather arrives...
Okey doke - enough from me for now. My computer has to cool down, and I need to wash all the dishes from the party. Then it's time to pack and maybe wrestle Buzz into the bath. Wish me luck!

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