Monday, June 24, 2013

Xanadu Two

It's been a week. Not even an overly productive week. I was too preoccupied to sit down for 10 minutes and ramble - which seems a little funny because mostly I was watching tv. A lot of tv. I'm a little ashamed to admit how much actually. Let's just say that I'm more than halfway through a 6-season-show...
At last count (yesterday, sometime before noon) the box-count was at 56. There's still a ton more to do but I really can't decide where to start today. Kitchen, guest room, toiletries...ugh.
This past shabbos was a lot of fun. I know I made the 'guest room is closed' announcement - but these things are always flexible so Ayala came to visit. Not like she's a guest anyway - she's just family. The food was good, we played bananagrams, and Buzz had a blast. Clearly suffering from television withdrawal, I read close to 900 pages over the course of the day.
In other news - when a recipe calls for marshmellow fluff, substituting mini-marshmellow may or may not work. The cookie bars were delicious, but they would have been tastier with soft fluff instead of caramelized disappearing chewy goo.
Z's '4th year' final-studio-presentation was on Thursday. It seems to have gone well. We spent Thursday morning rushing out to the grocery store, then prepping fruit and vegetable platters for the affair. Buzz was supposed to go to the presentation, but a mid-afternoon nap messed that up, and instead he spent the day home with me.
Last week we roasted two whole chickens. I'm only mentioning it because it gave me the chance to get a shot of Z. See? He's still alive, and relatively happy from the looks of things.
Do you find the photo above slightly ironic? I love it. It was definitely my 'photo of the week' for last week. But it's a whole new week now so I've got to start over.
I put french fries into the oven for breakfast, but since the take so long to cook Buzz and I decided to enjoy some fresh-from-the-freezer chocolate chip cookies. Frozen, of course. His patience and persistence paid off - eventually the cookie defrosted and he ate the whole thing. (Silly me for thinking he'd get bored and only eat part...)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sambosin SwissCheeseLand

I don't even know where to begin. Nothing new is going on - just a lot of status-quo stuff eating up my time. Maybe I'll get a break once the move is over. Who am I kidding, there are no breaks. Right? In the last two months I've sent out my resume to five places and haven't heard back from three. The other two told me that they'd send me work, but haven't. So I'm budgeting like a maniac, and trying to keep expenses down. I guess it helps that Buzz considers packing boxes, and kitchen utensils to be legitimate toys.
In the meantime, I'm packing like a maniac and trying to entertain the kiddo while I do it. Z isn't around much these days because it's the 'prep week' for his final studio presentation. We're also balancing 'house building' related stuff - engineer, geotechnical survey, and land survey have all been completed. It's a really slow process, which is driving me sort of crazy.
As for packing and our latest adventures - we're up to 30-something boxes. I still have to tackle the kitchen, but most of the 'small stuff' is already done. Most important thing to get done by the end of the week is organizing the guest room. Yesterday we emptied off the shelving unit and moved all of the boxes onto it. But the beds are still somewhat buried and we need them for the weekend since Ayala is coming for the weekend.
Speaking of the weekend - challah, soup, and cookies are already made and in the freezer. Hopefully we'll go grocery shopping tomorrow for fruits and vegetables (and hopefully this week they'll last for more than two days.) Truthfully the weather has been really nice the last couple of days, so I'm sort of banking on it staying super pleasant. And laundry, I should do that one of these days. Basically the house is a neglected sort of disaster area on account of the fact that all my extra energy has been going into reorganizing stuff into boxes. Thank goodness there's Shabbos in a few days - at least this place will get cleaned up for that.
Since my last post - Buzz has gotten even more into climbing like a crazed monkey, and he loves wearing hats - though I use the term 'hats' very loosely - since anything he can put on his head is good enough. He loves coloring with crayons, and he also really enjoys stickers! I found a nice A4 sketch pad that I bought a few years ago but never used - and it's perfect - the pristine white pages call to him - and he's been filling them up with artwork.
Do you like the stickers on the boxes? I'm trying to keep everything organized - so there's a different color sticker for each room in the new apartment. Even if the movers don't get it, at least I'll be able to tell at a glance which room a box belongs in.
Ok - enough dillydallying - back to packing. Hope to post again soon!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

More Than Oriental Splendor

31 days ago Buzz took his first unaided steps. It took him a couple more days to figure out how to just stand still, and eventually he started squatting down to pick things up from the floor. This morning I noticed that he finally figured out how to get up to standing position directly from the floor - no need to crawl over to a chair or wall to pull himself up!

Today we went out on a couple of outings - first to town to drop off a check at the accountant's office, then we wandered around town just to enjoy the fresh air. Later in the afternoon we went to the grocery store with Doda Sara to pick up some last minute items for Shabbos.

We've decided to have a waffle brunch on Shabbos morning. We'll just heat up waffles on the plata and enjoy them with maple syrup, ice cream, quiche, and at least 2 mimosas apiece. I deserve it - since I've been doing some pilates and my muscles are crying for the much welcome 'weekend break'.

Good thing about working out - it really gets me pumped for the day. Plus it means that I don't spend all day in my pajamas (trust me, this is a good thing.)

I haven't started cooking for Shabbos yet and I have a lot to do. Food, dessert, and a 'surprise' birthday cake to drop off down the hill sometime before Shabbos starts (good thing I have a long day.)

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Spongey Fungi

Last week I adventured at a whole bunch of business-related-offices in Petach Tikva and Ariel with friends of ours. It was both terrifying and exhilirating. Thankfully everything worked out pretty smoothly - well, so far anyway.

On Friday morning we collected a few moving boxes. Then we spent another awesome last-minute 30 hour weekend in The Sun House.
So far I've packed a dozen moving boxes - which brings the current total up to 22 (with all the neat keter containers that I'd packed last week.)

What else has happened so far this week? Grocery shopping at Yesh made me thankful that we're moving. I started doing some pilates to get my 'core' back in shape - 2 days in and my abs are decidedly not in favor of doing any sort of routine - but that's just too bad. We started clearing out the mamad in an effort to reorganize and make room for the boxes that are already packed. I made ridiculously delicious tomato sauce that is incredible as a dip for fries, and I baked a recipe of almond flour chocolate chip cookies to fill my inane cookie cravings and noshiness. Did I mention the awesome pizza monkey bread that I made for lunch, or the roasted turkey wing that Z enjoyed for dinner served with tiny potatoes?
Now if only I could figure out my Shabbos menu...It's going to be a quiet weekend at home which I'm looking forward to.

Today The Freddies stopped by to raid Buzz's long sleeved onesies for their annual trip to SwissCheeseLand. It was fun to see them, and the kiddos played together adorably!

Tomorrow Buzz and I have to run some errands in town. It should be fun. Then some cooking, and maybe some packing too.

No need to do laundry though - since Buzz did the laundry today - he's such a big helper! See? Isn't he cute?! He sweeps the floors too.