Thursday, June 06, 2013

More Than Oriental Splendor

31 days ago Buzz took his first unaided steps. It took him a couple more days to figure out how to just stand still, and eventually he started squatting down to pick things up from the floor. This morning I noticed that he finally figured out how to get up to standing position directly from the floor - no need to crawl over to a chair or wall to pull himself up!

Today we went out on a couple of outings - first to town to drop off a check at the accountant's office, then we wandered around town just to enjoy the fresh air. Later in the afternoon we went to the grocery store with Doda Sara to pick up some last minute items for Shabbos.

We've decided to have a waffle brunch on Shabbos morning. We'll just heat up waffles on the plata and enjoy them with maple syrup, ice cream, quiche, and at least 2 mimosas apiece. I deserve it - since I've been doing some pilates and my muscles are crying for the much welcome 'weekend break'.

Good thing about working out - it really gets me pumped for the day. Plus it means that I don't spend all day in my pajamas (trust me, this is a good thing.)

I haven't started cooking for Shabbos yet and I have a lot to do. Food, dessert, and a 'surprise' birthday cake to drop off down the hill sometime before Shabbos starts (good thing I have a long day.)

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