Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Spongey Fungi

Last week I adventured at a whole bunch of business-related-offices in Petach Tikva and Ariel with friends of ours. It was both terrifying and exhilirating. Thankfully everything worked out pretty smoothly - well, so far anyway.

On Friday morning we collected a few moving boxes. Then we spent another awesome last-minute 30 hour weekend in The Sun House.
So far I've packed a dozen moving boxes - which brings the current total up to 22 (with all the neat keter containers that I'd packed last week.)

What else has happened so far this week? Grocery shopping at Yesh made me thankful that we're moving. I started doing some pilates to get my 'core' back in shape - 2 days in and my abs are decidedly not in favor of doing any sort of routine - but that's just too bad. We started clearing out the mamad in an effort to reorganize and make room for the boxes that are already packed. I made ridiculously delicious tomato sauce that is incredible as a dip for fries, and I baked a recipe of almond flour chocolate chip cookies to fill my inane cookie cravings and noshiness. Did I mention the awesome pizza monkey bread that I made for lunch, or the roasted turkey wing that Z enjoyed for dinner served with tiny potatoes?
Now if only I could figure out my Shabbos menu...It's going to be a quiet weekend at home which I'm looking forward to.

Today The Freddies stopped by to raid Buzz's long sleeved onesies for their annual trip to SwissCheeseLand. It was fun to see them, and the kiddos played together adorably!

Tomorrow Buzz and I have to run some errands in town. It should be fun. Then some cooking, and maybe some packing too.

No need to do laundry though - since Buzz did the laundry today - he's such a big helper! See? Isn't he cute?! He sweeps the floors too.

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