Monday, June 24, 2013

Xanadu Two

It's been a week. Not even an overly productive week. I was too preoccupied to sit down for 10 minutes and ramble - which seems a little funny because mostly I was watching tv. A lot of tv. I'm a little ashamed to admit how much actually. Let's just say that I'm more than halfway through a 6-season-show...
At last count (yesterday, sometime before noon) the box-count was at 56. There's still a ton more to do but I really can't decide where to start today. Kitchen, guest room, toiletries...ugh.
This past shabbos was a lot of fun. I know I made the 'guest room is closed' announcement - but these things are always flexible so Ayala came to visit. Not like she's a guest anyway - she's just family. The food was good, we played bananagrams, and Buzz had a blast. Clearly suffering from television withdrawal, I read close to 900 pages over the course of the day.
In other news - when a recipe calls for marshmellow fluff, substituting mini-marshmellow may or may not work. The cookie bars were delicious, but they would have been tastier with soft fluff instead of caramelized disappearing chewy goo.
Z's '4th year' final-studio-presentation was on Thursday. It seems to have gone well. We spent Thursday morning rushing out to the grocery store, then prepping fruit and vegetable platters for the affair. Buzz was supposed to go to the presentation, but a mid-afternoon nap messed that up, and instead he spent the day home with me.
Last week we roasted two whole chickens. I'm only mentioning it because it gave me the chance to get a shot of Z. See? He's still alive, and relatively happy from the looks of things.
Do you find the photo above slightly ironic? I love it. It was definitely my 'photo of the week' for last week. But it's a whole new week now so I've got to start over.
I put french fries into the oven for breakfast, but since the take so long to cook Buzz and I decided to enjoy some fresh-from-the-freezer chocolate chip cookies. Frozen, of course. His patience and persistence paid off - eventually the cookie defrosted and he ate the whole thing. (Silly me for thinking he'd get bored and only eat part...)

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