Monday, July 29, 2013

Ganache Gouache

Ok - so it's been exactly a week since we moved into our new home. Things have been going swimmingly - although we haven't made it to the pool or the beach even once. As you can see from the photo above - Buzz is LOVING his new room. It's fully equipped with his favorite blanket and his favorite couch.
Last Tuesday the FamBily celebrated our 10th Aliyahversary. We had a delicious bbq to commemorate the day and reminisced about the days leading up to and following our Aliyah date.
On Wednesday we went out to do some grocery shopping for Shabbos. Then Frank and a pal helped Z shlep stuff to the machsan in the basement while Phil motivated me to organize as much of the kitchen as possible. Yo'Abba helped Z build the big closet in the guest room, and then secured the bookcases in the living room with a little help from Buzz.
Thursday morning we woke up super early and made our way back to The Middle of Nowhere to clean out the old apartment. We scrubbed, sponja'd, and mopped and by the end of the day the place looked so clean it was almost hard to leave. But Buzz was crabby so we made our way Home.
Friday was another busy day. I cooked for Shabbos, and made a birthday sign for Freddie. We did it 'old school' because procrastination actually makes more work at the end of the day. We unpacked the books in the living room, and a whole bunch of other boxes too.
Shabbos finally started at the end of a loooong Friday. Buzz fell asleep early, so Z and I got to enjoy a quick quiet dinner together. Z checked out the minyan at the school on the corner and met some of our new neighbors on his way home.
Saturday morning we packed up Buzz's water cup, pulled out the stroller, and walked over to the FamBily house. We left Z at shul and went down to hang out with Freddie and the munchkin.
Lunch was delicious as usual. Then we just hung-out for a few hours. Finally the weather cooled down a bit so a contingent journeyed out to visit S&S. The kiddies had a blast playing with the toys that were set out and waiting for them and it was great to spend time with S&S! (We hope to do it again soon!)
Our next stop was back at Home where we gave everybody the tour and took a little rest. Then Phil and The Freddies made their way back across town.
Yesterday we unpacked even more. The guest room is now back in working order (more or less) and the bathroom with the bathtub can finally be used (just in time because Buzz was looking quite grimy). We also finally picked up child-safety locks for the kitchen cupboards.
Phil came over to visit and we watched the first 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls - which is the series that we've decided to watch together over the summer. She's never watched any of it, and I stopped watching sometime during season 3...
Today was a lazy 'do nothing' day or sorts. The gas-man came to hook up our gas, and Buzz was his usual funny self. We took a break from unpacking since we're waiting for the handyman to come secure our kitchen cupboards to the walls before we can actually fill them up.
Tomorrow we will be heading to Rishon to meet with our 'old' landlord and give back the key. Then we might detour to Ikea to pick up a new shower curtain, and possibly a squeegee or two. I have a feeling that Z just wants Swedish meatballs - and once Z has them I'm pretty sure that Buzz is going to want some too. That's how these things tend to go.

Monday, July 22, 2013

New Chapter - Bring it on...

It started at 8:15 this morning and ended at 4:52 pm.
Now the actual move is over. We're here. With all our stuff. There's still the unpacking and organizing to do. We also need to settle up with the landlord at the old place and clean it up for the next people.
So far the beds are made but everything else is a flying disaster.
Welcome to The Sun House!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Afro Circus. Polka Dot.

The movers will be here in 12 short hours.

The house is not packed up yet.

I am freaking out.

A lot.

I HATE doing things at the last minute. It used to be my specialty - when it involved schoolwork (which I didn't care about) or cleaning (which seemed pointless). At this point in my life, I just can't function well 'on the fly'. I like to be overprepared, and ready for anything. I like to be ready in advance, like a week in advance (or more if I could swing it...)

Yet here we are - 12 hours to go and my house is an unpacked disaster area.

So much for my neat list, and my organized pens, and the color coded stickers for the boxes. So much for a peaceful last night spent in an empty, neat, cleaned up apartment. So much for any sense of quiet or ease.

These are not things that I am enjoying tonight.

Instead I've bitten my nails down as far as they'll go, ripped out some hair in frustration, developed half a dozen very painful sores in my mouth, broken out with more pimples than a teenage boy with horrible acne...all while every muscle and joint in my body cries out for a good night's sleep or even a few uninterrupted hours of rest.

Don't even get me started on the headache I'm experiencing.

It's going to cost more than a month's rent (yes, over 1,100 US DOLLARS!!!!) and every last ounce of sanity that I've got - but the movers are coming in 12 hours.

Hopefully in about 20 hours at the very most we will be officially installed somewhere for the next 24 months.

This move has officially been more expensive and painful than giving birth.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

*SuPeR sPeCiAl*

Plug post!!

So somebody I know started sharing in her own little corner of the blogosphere and I just wanted to let you all know that you should go check it out. I'm highly entertained by the posts and check for updates multiple times a day (see I do know how you feel when I disappear for days on end...)

Anyway - yeah - you should take a peek...

And her secondary blog which has me in stitches every time I think about it...



Hi everybody! It's been a few days, so here I am with some pictures and some videos to make it up to you! We've been doing a lot of travelling between The Middle of Nowhere and The Sun House. We've also been busy packing and dusting and getting covered in dust. (This is decidedly the most disgusting packing project that I have ever done. The sheer quantities of dust that are coming out of and off of things is astounding, and plain old icky.) We dusted the bookcases on Sunday after emptying them but we'll need to do it again before we go. (And not in a 'neat freak' white-glove way - more of a 'the movers are going to charge us extra for the second truck that they need to move all our stuff because there is so much sand on everything' way.)
We got the key to our new place last weekend which was really exciting. Our landlord actually cleaned the place which was pretty impressive. We also picked up a really cute kids table and chairs that we bought second-hand from up in RBS and dropped that off in the new place already. Buzz was happy to play with them while Z and I measured all of the rooms. I think he likes the new place. (Probably because he doesn't realize that moving there means that he won't be sleeping in my bed anymore...)
Tisha B'av was yesterday. It felt like the longest day ever and not because of the whole 'fast day' thing. The hours just seemed to drag on forever. Thankfully that's over now and I can get back to my regularly scheduled laundry routine and all the other cleaning that has to get done.

What else has been going on? Let's see: We got invited to a really special wedding which is exciting. Buzz officially does a 1-handed 'uh-oh'. Buzz has also morphed into a pastatarian (strange because he has had such a strong dislike of noodles up until now.) I found an amazing 'healthy' muffin recipe that Buzz absolutely loves and it gets all that applesauce and pearsauce out of my freezer (I might have posted about this a while ago but I'm still excited.) Our house is looking really empty - especially ever since Z took down all the pictures that were hanging on the walls. We're sticking with Bezeq. (who saw THAT coming?!) I finally bought myself a new card reader from HongKong for a whole 7nis (and it supports HDSC cards, so now more finagling with everything just to get photos up.)

Tomorrow we're going to officially pack up all the last of the kitchen items and our clothes. I'm freaking out a little. We've got a painter lined up to fix up the 'old' place, and the communications company lined up to set up the 'new' place. Before packing up the kitchen tomorrow I'm going to bake a couple of batches of cookies for the movers to enjoy on Monday. Then we'll be set.

This is sheer craziness!!! Or as Buzz and Lil' Freddie say, "khubdy khubdy a blah blah aaaaah!"

Youtube is being silly and won't give me links to embed the videos so here they are:
- Dinnertime - in which Buzz is covered in tomato sauce and discusses Abba's culinary skills.
- Packing Buzz - in which Buzz shows the grown-ups how to get things done.
- Lettuce Head - in which Buzz acts ridiculous.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Park Lady!

We've hit that stage of life where it is near impossible to get a decent family photo. I wish I could get professional portraits done, but there's no $20 studio option in this country. So we make do with the best we can get.
We spent yesterday finishing up packing the odds and ends from Buzz's room and the guest room. Thankfully everything is now dealt with. Three black garbage bags went to the curb along with a number of broken electronics. I'm quite proud of how efficiently the packing is going.
Last night sometime after 2am I woke up feeling really sick. I spent today in bed with a low-grade fever. Highly unpleasant. Z was incredible though - he watched Buzz, and made me iced tea, and cooked up some soup, and brought me a hot water bottle. I really appreciated it all. Thankfully I'm feeling a little better already so I'm hoping that tomorrow we can get back to packing.
Phil sent me a photo of a gorgeous basketful of limes courtesy of S&S's garden. I am so excited to bake with them! More mojito donuts, cupcakes, citrus cookies, and extract. Yum!
Speaking of baking - I think I'm going to go on an ice-pop kick. I found an amazing looking recipe for Mexican Chocolate Fudgesicles and I can't wait to try it out. I'm going to wait until after the move though.
It's almost surreal that we're moving. I've been packing for the last month and a half. I keep finding myself lost in daydreams of where we're going to put everything in the new place. I know it's happening but I still can't seem to wrap my head around it. We've lived here for four years - a short span of time in the big picture - but a lot has happened in those four years. Yesterday evening 3 people came to look at the apartment. I tried to imagine seeing it through their eyes but I couldn't because I'm biased. I still see it as a brand new apartment full of light, air, and the promise of thousands of memories. It's going to be hard to leave and the day is almost here.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Blow Monkeys from the Chandelier

Today a jovial dungeon-master informed me that my son cannot be a official beast on account of his uncontrollability. And all I could think was, 'yeah, I knew that.'
The Crazy Lady and I went on an adventure at the Neimi 'Mall'. It was fun! The grocery store was restocking shelves and The Crazy Lady scored a whole bunch of awesome boxes for us to pack in.
Yo'Abba and Z took the car for its yearly test and now that's all taken care of until next year. Delicious potatoes for breakfast and Shabbos leftovers for lunch. Then a ride Home, with a stop along the way for some french fries and ice cream.
We unpacked and straightened up a little. Buzz was in a very good mood thanks to a catnap in the car. After he went to sleep we enjoyed some icecream and watched some tv. There's a lot to do tomorrow and I'm sort of dreading it. We're getting 'down to the wire' and I am feeling the pressure.
At least we have french fries for breakfast!

Friday, July 05, 2013

Buzzy Days!

Been a busy week. The bad news from the week is that we're out of boxes but still have more stuff. The good news is that Z's miluim have been cancelled! Which creates some even better news - we have an extra week to pack!

Buzz got his first piano lesson this week from his favoritest Uncle Dibble! We're in The Sun House for Shabbos so that we could pack all day. Sunday brings car-inspection, and a trip to the post office. Aaaaand more packing.

Have a great weekend!!!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Testing Stimulations

Well, I definitely owe my readers a post. It's been a week. I want to post photos but I'm 'mobile' and as we've learned those pictures never seem to post correctly.

Last week we packed up more stuff. Then we spent my (english) birthday weekend in The Sun House. It was exhausting but highly enjoyable. Birthday gifts received included: cocktail shaker - complete with colorful stirrers and nevermelting ice cubes, a tray of triple-peppermint brownies, three birthday cards, mojito cupcakes, two birthday signs, special-request meals, and more.

On the Buzz-front, the little man can officially climb the dining room chairs (which means that he can get onto the dining room table). He can also get up onto our beds.

Last night was our very last book club of the year. It was bittersweet since it was the last one I'll be attending here. I'm not sure whether they realize it - but the amazing ladies that I've had the pleasure of getting together with one night a month really helped me get through my first year of motherhood. It was fun while I was pregnant too, but spending time with these superwomen who are supermoms really helped to put my mind at ease and kept me sane. As a going away / birthday present they gifted me with a gift-card to buy myself some new books. I can't wait to use it! I haven't bought myself a book in a really long while.

I haven't done much today. Buzz and I baked a batch of 'healthy' muffins - cinnamon oatmeal applesauce - and he conked out waiting for them to cool. I guess he'll try them when he wakes up. Z is taking a history final this afternoon and I really hope he passes it on the first try.

I'm not quite sure what to pack today. I guess I could tackle the 'odds-and-ends' but I'll still need to wait for Z to get back to do that. Maybe the meat kitchen-stuff. We've the the parve and dairy stuff already (well, the stuff we use less often anyway) so I guess we should sort through the meat stuff next. Sorry for typing every thought that crosses my mind, I just feel so tired and wiped out, and my brain doesn't seem to be in any sort of productive decision making mode.

I guess I'll go wash some dishes and then reassess the situation.

Wish me luck! 9 more days to pack. Yikes!