Sunday, July 21, 2013

Afro Circus. Polka Dot.

The movers will be here in 12 short hours.

The house is not packed up yet.

I am freaking out.

A lot.

I HATE doing things at the last minute. It used to be my specialty - when it involved schoolwork (which I didn't care about) or cleaning (which seemed pointless). At this point in my life, I just can't function well 'on the fly'. I like to be overprepared, and ready for anything. I like to be ready in advance, like a week in advance (or more if I could swing it...)

Yet here we are - 12 hours to go and my house is an unpacked disaster area.

So much for my neat list, and my organized pens, and the color coded stickers for the boxes. So much for a peaceful last night spent in an empty, neat, cleaned up apartment. So much for any sense of quiet or ease.

These are not things that I am enjoying tonight.

Instead I've bitten my nails down as far as they'll go, ripped out some hair in frustration, developed half a dozen very painful sores in my mouth, broken out with more pimples than a teenage boy with horrible acne...all while every muscle and joint in my body cries out for a good night's sleep or even a few uninterrupted hours of rest.

Don't even get me started on the headache I'm experiencing.

It's going to cost more than a month's rent (yes, over 1,100 US DOLLARS!!!!) and every last ounce of sanity that I've got - but the movers are coming in 12 hours.

Hopefully in about 20 hours at the very most we will be officially installed somewhere for the next 24 months.

This move has officially been more expensive and painful than giving birth.

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