Sunday, July 07, 2013

Blow Monkeys from the Chandelier

Today a jovial dungeon-master informed me that my son cannot be a official beast on account of his uncontrollability. And all I could think was, 'yeah, I knew that.'
The Crazy Lady and I went on an adventure at the Neimi 'Mall'. It was fun! The grocery store was restocking shelves and The Crazy Lady scored a whole bunch of awesome boxes for us to pack in.
Yo'Abba and Z took the car for its yearly test and now that's all taken care of until next year. Delicious potatoes for breakfast and Shabbos leftovers for lunch. Then a ride Home, with a stop along the way for some french fries and ice cream.
We unpacked and straightened up a little. Buzz was in a very good mood thanks to a catnap in the car. After he went to sleep we enjoyed some icecream and watched some tv. There's a lot to do tomorrow and I'm sort of dreading it. We're getting 'down to the wire' and I am feeling the pressure.
At least we have french fries for breakfast!

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