Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hi everybody! It's been a few days, so here I am with some pictures and some videos to make it up to you! We've been doing a lot of travelling between The Middle of Nowhere and The Sun House. We've also been busy packing and dusting and getting covered in dust. (This is decidedly the most disgusting packing project that I have ever done. The sheer quantities of dust that are coming out of and off of things is astounding, and plain old icky.) We dusted the bookcases on Sunday after emptying them but we'll need to do it again before we go. (And not in a 'neat freak' white-glove way - more of a 'the movers are going to charge us extra for the second truck that they need to move all our stuff because there is so much sand on everything' way.)
We got the key to our new place last weekend which was really exciting. Our landlord actually cleaned the place which was pretty impressive. We also picked up a really cute kids table and chairs that we bought second-hand from up in RBS and dropped that off in the new place already. Buzz was happy to play with them while Z and I measured all of the rooms. I think he likes the new place. (Probably because he doesn't realize that moving there means that he won't be sleeping in my bed anymore...)
Tisha B'av was yesterday. It felt like the longest day ever and not because of the whole 'fast day' thing. The hours just seemed to drag on forever. Thankfully that's over now and I can get back to my regularly scheduled laundry routine and all the other cleaning that has to get done.

What else has been going on? Let's see: We got invited to a really special wedding which is exciting. Buzz officially does a 1-handed 'uh-oh'. Buzz has also morphed into a pastatarian (strange because he has had such a strong dislike of noodles up until now.) I found an amazing 'healthy' muffin recipe that Buzz absolutely loves and it gets all that applesauce and pearsauce out of my freezer (I might have posted about this a while ago but I'm still excited.) Our house is looking really empty - especially ever since Z took down all the pictures that were hanging on the walls. We're sticking with Bezeq. (who saw THAT coming?!) I finally bought myself a new card reader from HongKong for a whole 7nis (and it supports HDSC cards, so now more finagling with everything just to get photos up.)

Tomorrow we're going to officially pack up all the last of the kitchen items and our clothes. I'm freaking out a little. We've got a painter lined up to fix up the 'old' place, and the communications company lined up to set up the 'new' place. Before packing up the kitchen tomorrow I'm going to bake a couple of batches of cookies for the movers to enjoy on Monday. Then we'll be set.

This is sheer craziness!!! Or as Buzz and Lil' Freddie say, "khubdy khubdy a blah blah aaaaah!"

Youtube is being silly and won't give me links to embed the videos so here they are:
- Dinnertime - in which Buzz is covered in tomato sauce and discusses Abba's culinary skills.
- Packing Buzz - in which Buzz shows the grown-ups how to get things done.
- Lettuce Head - in which Buzz acts ridiculous.

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