Monday, July 29, 2013

Ganache Gouache

Ok - so it's been exactly a week since we moved into our new home. Things have been going swimmingly - although we haven't made it to the pool or the beach even once. As you can see from the photo above - Buzz is LOVING his new room. It's fully equipped with his favorite blanket and his favorite couch.
Last Tuesday the FamBily celebrated our 10th Aliyahversary. We had a delicious bbq to commemorate the day and reminisced about the days leading up to and following our Aliyah date.
On Wednesday we went out to do some grocery shopping for Shabbos. Then Frank and a pal helped Z shlep stuff to the machsan in the basement while Phil motivated me to organize as much of the kitchen as possible. Yo'Abba helped Z build the big closet in the guest room, and then secured the bookcases in the living room with a little help from Buzz.
Thursday morning we woke up super early and made our way back to The Middle of Nowhere to clean out the old apartment. We scrubbed, sponja'd, and mopped and by the end of the day the place looked so clean it was almost hard to leave. But Buzz was crabby so we made our way Home.
Friday was another busy day. I cooked for Shabbos, and made a birthday sign for Freddie. We did it 'old school' because procrastination actually makes more work at the end of the day. We unpacked the books in the living room, and a whole bunch of other boxes too.
Shabbos finally started at the end of a loooong Friday. Buzz fell asleep early, so Z and I got to enjoy a quick quiet dinner together. Z checked out the minyan at the school on the corner and met some of our new neighbors on his way home.
Saturday morning we packed up Buzz's water cup, pulled out the stroller, and walked over to the FamBily house. We left Z at shul and went down to hang out with Freddie and the munchkin.
Lunch was delicious as usual. Then we just hung-out for a few hours. Finally the weather cooled down a bit so a contingent journeyed out to visit S&S. The kiddies had a blast playing with the toys that were set out and waiting for them and it was great to spend time with S&S! (We hope to do it again soon!)
Our next stop was back at Home where we gave everybody the tour and took a little rest. Then Phil and The Freddies made their way back across town.
Yesterday we unpacked even more. The guest room is now back in working order (more or less) and the bathroom with the bathtub can finally be used (just in time because Buzz was looking quite grimy). We also finally picked up child-safety locks for the kitchen cupboards.
Phil came over to visit and we watched the first 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls - which is the series that we've decided to watch together over the summer. She's never watched any of it, and I stopped watching sometime during season 3...
Today was a lazy 'do nothing' day or sorts. The gas-man came to hook up our gas, and Buzz was his usual funny self. We took a break from unpacking since we're waiting for the handyman to come secure our kitchen cupboards to the walls before we can actually fill them up.
Tomorrow we will be heading to Rishon to meet with our 'old' landlord and give back the key. Then we might detour to Ikea to pick up a new shower curtain, and possibly a squeegee or two. I have a feeling that Z just wants Swedish meatballs - and once Z has them I'm pretty sure that Buzz is going to want some too. That's how these things tend to go.

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