Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Park Lady!

We've hit that stage of life where it is near impossible to get a decent family photo. I wish I could get professional portraits done, but there's no $20 studio option in this country. So we make do with the best we can get.
We spent yesterday finishing up packing the odds and ends from Buzz's room and the guest room. Thankfully everything is now dealt with. Three black garbage bags went to the curb along with a number of broken electronics. I'm quite proud of how efficiently the packing is going.
Last night sometime after 2am I woke up feeling really sick. I spent today in bed with a low-grade fever. Highly unpleasant. Z was incredible though - he watched Buzz, and made me iced tea, and cooked up some soup, and brought me a hot water bottle. I really appreciated it all. Thankfully I'm feeling a little better already so I'm hoping that tomorrow we can get back to packing.
Phil sent me a photo of a gorgeous basketful of limes courtesy of S&S's garden. I am so excited to bake with them! More mojito donuts, cupcakes, citrus cookies, and extract. Yum!
Speaking of baking - I think I'm going to go on an ice-pop kick. I found an amazing looking recipe for Mexican Chocolate Fudgesicles and I can't wait to try it out. I'm going to wait until after the move though.
It's almost surreal that we're moving. I've been packing for the last month and a half. I keep finding myself lost in daydreams of where we're going to put everything in the new place. I know it's happening but I still can't seem to wrap my head around it. We've lived here for four years - a short span of time in the big picture - but a lot has happened in those four years. Yesterday evening 3 people came to look at the apartment. I tried to imagine seeing it through their eyes but I couldn't because I'm biased. I still see it as a brand new apartment full of light, air, and the promise of thousands of memories. It's going to be hard to leave and the day is almost here.

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Linda said...

Your photos are lovely.