Monday, July 01, 2013

Testing Stimulations

Well, I definitely owe my readers a post. It's been a week. I want to post photos but I'm 'mobile' and as we've learned those pictures never seem to post correctly.

Last week we packed up more stuff. Then we spent my (english) birthday weekend in The Sun House. It was exhausting but highly enjoyable. Birthday gifts received included: cocktail shaker - complete with colorful stirrers and nevermelting ice cubes, a tray of triple-peppermint brownies, three birthday cards, mojito cupcakes, two birthday signs, special-request meals, and more.

On the Buzz-front, the little man can officially climb the dining room chairs (which means that he can get onto the dining room table). He can also get up onto our beds.

Last night was our very last book club of the year. It was bittersweet since it was the last one I'll be attending here. I'm not sure whether they realize it - but the amazing ladies that I've had the pleasure of getting together with one night a month really helped me get through my first year of motherhood. It was fun while I was pregnant too, but spending time with these superwomen who are supermoms really helped to put my mind at ease and kept me sane. As a going away / birthday present they gifted me with a gift-card to buy myself some new books. I can't wait to use it! I haven't bought myself a book in a really long while.

I haven't done much today. Buzz and I baked a batch of 'healthy' muffins - cinnamon oatmeal applesauce - and he conked out waiting for them to cool. I guess he'll try them when he wakes up. Z is taking a history final this afternoon and I really hope he passes it on the first try.

I'm not quite sure what to pack today. I guess I could tackle the 'odds-and-ends' but I'll still need to wait for Z to get back to do that. Maybe the meat kitchen-stuff. We've the the parve and dairy stuff already (well, the stuff we use less often anyway) so I guess we should sort through the meat stuff next. Sorry for typing every thought that crosses my mind, I just feel so tired and wiped out, and my brain doesn't seem to be in any sort of productive decision making mode.

I guess I'll go wash some dishes and then reassess the situation.

Wish me luck! 9 more days to pack. Yikes!