Friday, August 30, 2013

Tricky Little Birds

On Wednesday we did the rest of the shopping for Rosh Hashana. We also popped over to The FamBily House for lunch. Yay laziness! I organized the freezer for the fourth time in a month and found space to fit in the enormous chicken that Z picked for the holiday.
Thursday was very quiet and somewhat boring. I made pie crusts - FF & regular. I cooked the chicken for Shabbos. I tried to organize and get stuff ready for Shabbos early.
Then this morning we went out to the Ashdod beach. We kidnapped Phil, and headed slightly southwest.
It was Buzz's second beach experience and it was about as successful as the first. He did not like the sand, and was petrified of the water. The only parts of the trip that he was interested in participating in were - eating bamba and playing at the playground (but only on the open slide - he refused to go through any of the tunnels.)
We managed to coax a few smiles out of him by dancing in the waves on the shore. The tea biscuits that we bribed him with kept him calm too.
Eventually we decided to wrap up the party and head home. There was no traffic and we were extremely grateful for the air-conditioning in the car (as the temperature rose to 95F).
Back at Home we all got clean and did a couple of loads of laundry. Z is washing the floors and then we'll be ready for Shabbos. Well, I mean, I have to heat the food up - but we're as ready as we can be.
On Sunday I'm hoping to make the quiches and maybe even some of the desserts. I'm just not sure where I'm going to find space in the overcrowded freezer. I guess if I take out some of the chicken to prepare that will make some space.
Have a great weekend! See ya soon!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Batman Cake

Today is mostly a photo-update day from the last week or so.Today was a relatively quiet day. This morning Z baked a very tasty cake for breakfast. Then our window-bars were installed. The afternoon flew by and suddenly it was 5:30pm. Frank showed up at our house, then we went over to S&S's house for a visit. Our last stop of the day was The FamBily House for an awesome BBQ dinner in honor of Phil's birthday. The meal was delicious and I'm pleased to say that the FF coffee cake that I made turned out quite good too.

Enjoy the pictures and hopefully I'll be back soon with more exciting updates!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Spiffy Sunglasses

What?! A whole week went by?! How did that happen?!

Let's see - last week I spent Tuesday and Wednesday cooking the first waves of food for chag. Two kind of meatballs, meat stuffed empanadas, and an inordinate amount of chicken soup are safely stowed away in the freezer. Also Sara came to visit! Finally! Yay!

I spent Thursday down by the Dead Sea with: The Crazy Lady, Freddie, Munchkin, and Phil. It was a blast! We spent a few hours relaxing in the big pool and enjoying the sun.

On Friday Z surprised me by cleaning most of the apartment. Floors, bathrooms, dishes... It was amazing!

Shabbos was very nice. Friday night was really quiet - thankfully Buzz went to sleep at a reasonable time. We ate Shabbos lunch by new neighbors from the building next-door. Their two boys are adorable and had a great time showing Buzz around. We wanted to visit S&S but forgot the stroller in the car. So after lunch we just went home and the afternoon flew by. Before we knew it we were heading out to the park. I met some more new people, and tried to get into this whole 'community' groove. Phil showed up and surprised us. She hung around until after shabbos and then we watched some more Gilmore Girls.

Yesterday we went out to the 'new' mall and I finally got myself a new yoman for 2013-2014. We walked around a bit and then headed home. Ground beef had been on sale at the grocery store so I picked up quite a bit. Z turned some into hamburgers for dinner, then I browned the rest of it and turned a whole bunch into kreplach (for erev yom kippur) then froze the rest for shepherds pie or something like that.

This morning I got up on the late side. Then I caught a train to Tel Aviv, where I met up with Phil at Azrieli mall. We had a blast in Forever21 and H&M, I also finally bought myself a fancy new watch - so after 8 months of having no idea what time it is without looking at my cellphone...I can finally stop feeling time-lost. Then we browsed Superpharm and finally headed back home. I crashed at The FamBily House and we watched some more Gilmore Girls. Then Z and Buzz showed up at the door. We stayed there for dinner. (Shabbos leftovers - so that the fridge could be emptied for tomorrow - Phil's bday bbq.)

Tomorrow the soragim (window bars) are supposed to be installed. I'm hoping to also bake a few batches of desserts for chag - maybe a couple of trays of brownies, and possibly some brookies (yeah, those are cookie topped typo). I need to make the challot at some point but I am so out of freezer space - I'm not sure how this is going to work.

Monday, August 19, 2013

'I thought it was the horse...'

Uncle Eli chooses great friends!
Shabbos seems like such a long time ago - considering that it's only Monday night. Let's see, our company cancelled so it was a 'quiet' Friday night. Quiet in quotation marks because Buzz stayed up partying until 10pm, at which time the apartment-wide shabbos-clock turned off all of the lights in the house. (We're still working out the kinks in the timing system.) Shabbos morning we got a late start, then walked across town and enjoyed a great lunch and afternoon at The FamBily House. Phase 10, Frank's friends, The travel water-bottle, extremely chilled wine. Very enjoyable.
We walked Home towards the end of the afternoon and stopped off in the park. I awkwardly introduced myself to a bunch of people and made the first steps towards a social-life. Which ultimately got us invited out for a Shabbos meal next week. After havdalah, Phil and I watched some more Gilmore Girls (we're almost done with season 1! Yay!)
Even one of the felt-pads from a dining room chair is art.
Sunday was pretty boring. We didn't do much of anything. I sorted through photos since January and picked out a batch to get printer. I also watered the plants and pretended to clean up from shabbos (but without any real success). Buzz played with stickers, tried to eat a blue crayon, and offered to pay the electric bill - I think he accomplished the most of the three of us.
He even pays the bills
This morning was different. Buzz woke up smiling. wandered into our room in a very good mood, and poked me until I woke up. Then he happily drank his morning milk while lying in my bed. I popped out to the photo store and dropped off the pictures for printing (they'll be ready tomorrow). Then I picked up meat for meatballs and borekas for Rosh Hashana (yes, I'm already cooking for that). I also wrote 2 pages of a draft letter to GUS - which I've been pushing off because I want to send it with photos. I baked a pineapple kugel for Rosh Hashana and put it in the freezer. I also prepped felafel mixture (FF, from scratch, and made with dried beans.)
Now I know who puts back the empty cereal boxes...
Phil informed me that she and YoAbba were heading over to S&S's. I decided that instead of going to the park that we'd pop by there instead. I'm glad we did. The 5 minute walk was well worth it. Buzz had a blast (drinking alphabet vegetable soup straight from the ladle) and I enjoyed spending time with S&S.
I kidnapped Phil and back at Home we set to making dinner. I found just enough fries in the freezer so we tossed them into the oven, then I started on the felafel. The mixture was made, it was just a matter of shallow frying them. It didn't take too long and we were eating them straight from the pan. Z cut up some 'Israeli' salad and luckily we had some pickles chilling in the fridge. Absolutely filling, delicious, and even relatively nutritious!
"eh eh eh" (roughly translated: "get into my belly!"
Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some more cooking done for the Holidays. A quick trip to the store to pick up some foil pans and plastic containers is in order too. It'll be an easy Shabbos to make this week - no guests, and only one meal to plan - with soup and challah already in the freezer. (Wow I feel like a nutter - thinking about Shabbos food on a Monday night!)

Toodles for now!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bit the Dibbles

Happy Jewday Aunt Phil!!! It started tonight and goes til' tomorrow. We kicked off the celebration with some alcoholic beverages and some frozen cookies. Let the good times roll.
Which is funnier - the glasses or the hair?
To be honest it was one of 'those' days. Productivity was slow and hard to come by. I managed to get 2 loads of laundry done, Z washed some dishes, I cooked the chicken for Shabbos and cooked up a batch of matzah balls (which came out too salty - which is bad because I made enough to get us through Rosh Hashana...) but that's all that we managed to accomplish. Not nearly enough. Especially because we have dentist appointments in the morning. Ugh, I am NOT looking forward to that either. Ow.
Learning about Japanese wood art
such diverse interests for one so young.
In good news, it took a month of bargaining, haggling, phone calls, and annoyance - but hopefully in 2-weeks-time we'll have window bars on our apartment. Today the guy brought us our window screens so we can finally leave the windows open without getting swarmed by moths, birds, and other annoying flying things. All things considered we only paid an arm, a leg, and 2.4 kidneys for the whole shebang. *gulp* It was worth it?
The clothes ended up on the wrong one.
Tomorrow will no doubt be exhausting. All of the cooking still needs to get finished and the guest room has disappeared under mountains of things still searching for homes. Abe is coming for the weekend which should be nice.

Define: Dancing.

Yesterday we finally got the guest room closet secured, so we were able to start straightening up in there. I also organized the laundry room and did a load of laundry. We had pancakes for breakfast in order to use up the milk. Then we packed up the diaper bag and left to go grocery shopping - only to find out that the car battery was completely dead. It's been 29 months since our last 'dead battery inncident' so it shouldn't have come as too much of a surprise. We spent an hour at the park instead of doing responsible things. Buzz had a great time. He went down the super-fast slide and crawled through the tunnel.
As a result of the 'dead battery situation' and a 9am appointment Buzz got to nap at The FamBily House. Z & I got the battery replaced. We also picked up a package at the post office. Then we finally did our grocery shopping.
Suddenly the afternoon had flown by. It was time to get dressed up in our most comfortable fancy clothes and head on up to Jeru for the most amazing wedding I've ever been to. It was great to catch up with people that I hadn't seen in a long time. I also get this funny thrill being known as just 'a Polly' or 'Timmy's sister'.
The party was a really sweet small gathering which I enjoyed immensely. Best line of the night was after the ceremony, when the chuppah had been removed and the bride clapped her hands gleefully and exclaimed to the relatively quiet crowd, "Yay! We're married!" I felt honored to have been invited and that's the truth.
Geeks are awesome - check out the seating card. Can you tell what table we sat at? It took a calculator for us to figure it out. Also - the cake! How incredible?!
Buzz held hands with Uncle Little Brother during the chuppah. It was absolutely adorable! What a great night, after a relatively good day! Tomorrow - another one!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Group On You...

Friday was the usual erev-Shabbos stuff. Z and Buzz drove to Jeru to help a friend out. And Ayala joined us for the weekend. Great fun was had by all.
Saturday was long but we had many guests to entertain and be entertained by. Dibble showed up earlier in the day, then Phil made a grand appearance later in the afternoon. Z and Buzz went to the park for an hour of fun-time. It was oh so busy.
Sunday morning was pretty relaxed. We wandered around the house pretending to get things back in order after an exciting weekend. But we didn't accomplish much. I worked on a graphics project - a new book-cover - but I'm a little stuck on it. I also finally backed up all 3 of my cameras to the external hard drive.
At 3:30ish our visitors began to arrive for the party. Today was Freddie's graduation - only a certain number of guests could be invited, and tiny squirmy loud ones did not make the cut. So we had a get-together at our house.
We colored, we played with toys, we stuck stickers on our shirts and in our hair, we didn't touch the oven because it was 'hot hot hot', we fed each other morsels of deliciousness because we had them and we had spoons and it seemed like a good idea, we read books about knickers, we learned all about how to use oven mitts, we learned why running into one's cousin at full-force is not a good idea...We had an all around good time.
A delicious dinner-date of shnitzel and fries was a delightful way to end the party. Then all the Mommys and Daddys showed up and the party was over. We were a little sad, but we'll have another one really soon!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Crunchy Spiller

I'm not gonna lie - living in The Sun House has some great perks. Like the Friday morning that I realized I had forgotten to buy some ingredients crucial to a recipe I was making for Shabbat lunch - and Phil just happened to be at the grocery store with The Crazy Lady - so they got the things I needed and dropped them off! Or the time I totally forgot to turn off the airconditioning and also forgot to put the crockpot of chicken soup on low before heading out of the city for the day - but it was ok because somebody was able to pop over and take of things for me. Or the time that S&S & Frank made it possible and helped shlep a gorgeous sewing table down the road and into my guest room - oh wait, that was today! It was awesome!

Week in Summary:

Monday morning Buzz got babysat. Z & I picked up groceries and finally got the house keys copied. (My new set is oh so beautiful.) We also organized the bookcases in the living room. We finally weeded through the books and set aside the ones we didn't want to keep. I planned to toss them or offer them to a local library, but then I noticed that there was a book-swap being hosted in the Ramah late in the evening. I decided there was nothing to lose by stopping by and seeing if I could trade-in all the old books for some that I'd never read before. The Crazy Lady came with me and we had a blast. I think we walked out with almost a dozen new books. It was great.
Tuesday we got busy unpacking and reorganizing more stuff. (Will it never end!?) I couldn't work on the laptop because Z spent the entire day (and Monday afternoon/evening) putting together a: CV, cover letter, and digital portfolio. (Yup, he's actually going to try to get a job. *fingers crossed*) Late in the afternoon Z headed into Jeru (on a bus) to attend the Jerusalem Wine Festival with Akiva. Back at Home, Phil and I had a 'virtual TV date' (which is to say we watched Gilmore Girls at the same time and IM'd each other the whole time.)
Wednesday morning we had to go to the bank early to sign a form. (It was such a change of pace to be able to just head over to the bank without having to warry about over an hour of travelling.) It was quick and painless. Then we wandered around the city-center and got Buzz some borekas for breakfast. (They're his favorite!) He chose a pizza boreka for himself and was so excited when we finally (all of 2 minutes later) sat down on a bench to eat. Back at Home I baked a batch of bagels for Shabbos brunch. Then we proceeded to organize some more. Z finally installed the spice racks in the kitchen. I was therefore able to clear off the couter and get the last 3 boxes of kitchen related stuff out of the guest room.
Thursday morning - (heehee, yay today!) I did laundry, put up chicken soup, took out the chicken to defrost, set up some cream cheese to thicken, whipped up a batch of almond milk, and put the almond meal to dry... Then Frank & Z with Saba's help shlepped the sewing table to our house. We need to finish securing the closet so that we can put the table where it will stay for the duration of our sojourn in The Sun House. After a healthful and nutritious lunch (yay pita pizza!) we relaxed for a bit. Then Z dropped Frank off at Home, and took Buzz to the grocery store, in search of smoked salmon and orange juice. (Cause if you're gonna have brunch, you've got to do it right.)
I'm doing some more laundry, there's still plenty of cooking left to do, and the floor really needs to be washed. Ayala is coming for the weekend, and Sarah Leah will be sleeping over (but probably eating meals at her cousins in Aviv.) Frank might stop by for lunch (or second lunch) now that he heard that we're having bagels.
Ok - off to do some more work. Wish me luck!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Strainer Brainer

Friday was a jam-packed busy day. Z and Buzz drove into Jeru to pick up Sarah Leah, cause she was shlepping a huge duffel bag to her cousin's house. Then she came and spent Shabbos with us.
I haven't blogged a Shabbos menu in a long time - so here we go:
Friday Night: homemade challah, chumus, roasted garlic, chicken soup with matzah balls, batter dipped shnitzel, oregano crumb wings, rice kugel, green beans.
Shabbos Lunch: homemade challah, chumus, roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes, tossed sweet lettuce salad, rice salad, broccoli quiche, carrot kugel
Desserts: lemon pound cake, mexican chocolate fudgesicles
On Shabbos afternoon Dibble and Phil came to visit us. Dibble had been at a friend's house and stopped by on his way home. Phil came for the ices (she found the recipe - so she wanted to taste them). Buzz had an absolute blast playing with his Uncle! They played with train tracks and megablocks. The kid was SUPER entertained - which was awesome!
Today we finally organized all of the books on the shelves in the living room. It took over an hour. We weeded through and found a few books to donate/toss too. Besides for that we didn't do very much on account of still being completely drained by the whole move. I know it was almost two weeks ago - but it really took a lot out of us. (#feelingold)
At a little after 5pm Buzz was being very cranky. So we put on his shoes and went out to the park. He was intrigued by all the other kids. He had a blast on the slides and the seesaw. Truth be told though, his favorite part was the swings. After the ~looooong~ walk there and the ~looooong~ walk back (it's two buildings away - but he's got short legs) he ate some dinner, had a bath, and then it was bedtime.

I actually cooked two meals today. I'm pretty impressed with myself. Granted, it was easy because I repurposed leftovers for both meals. But hey, boiled potatoes make amazing 'quick cook hashbrowns' (that was breakfast) and the roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic were just begging to be tossed with some pasta. Yay! Practically insta-dinner!!

We're going to go out tomorrow. Probably just a quick trip to the grocery store since I'm running very low on oil. It should be fun.