Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bit the Dibbles

Happy Jewday Aunt Phil!!! It started tonight and goes til' tomorrow. We kicked off the celebration with some alcoholic beverages and some frozen cookies. Let the good times roll.
Which is funnier - the glasses or the hair?
To be honest it was one of 'those' days. Productivity was slow and hard to come by. I managed to get 2 loads of laundry done, Z washed some dishes, I cooked the chicken for Shabbos and cooked up a batch of matzah balls (which came out too salty - which is bad because I made enough to get us through Rosh Hashana...) but that's all that we managed to accomplish. Not nearly enough. Especially because we have dentist appointments in the morning. Ugh, I am NOT looking forward to that either. Ow.
Learning about Japanese wood art
such diverse interests for one so young.
In good news, it took a month of bargaining, haggling, phone calls, and annoyance - but hopefully in 2-weeks-time we'll have window bars on our apartment. Today the guy brought us our window screens so we can finally leave the windows open without getting swarmed by moths, birds, and other annoying flying things. All things considered we only paid an arm, a leg, and 2.4 kidneys for the whole shebang. *gulp* It was worth it?
The clothes ended up on the wrong one.
Tomorrow will no doubt be exhausting. All of the cooking still needs to get finished and the guest room has disappeared under mountains of things still searching for homes. Abe is coming for the weekend which should be nice.

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