Thursday, August 08, 2013

Crunchy Spiller

I'm not gonna lie - living in The Sun House has some great perks. Like the Friday morning that I realized I had forgotten to buy some ingredients crucial to a recipe I was making for Shabbat lunch - and Phil just happened to be at the grocery store with The Crazy Lady - so they got the things I needed and dropped them off! Or the time I totally forgot to turn off the airconditioning and also forgot to put the crockpot of chicken soup on low before heading out of the city for the day - but it was ok because somebody was able to pop over and take of things for me. Or the time that S&S & Frank made it possible and helped shlep a gorgeous sewing table down the road and into my guest room - oh wait, that was today! It was awesome!

Week in Summary:

Monday morning Buzz got babysat. Z & I picked up groceries and finally got the house keys copied. (My new set is oh so beautiful.) We also organized the bookcases in the living room. We finally weeded through the books and set aside the ones we didn't want to keep. I planned to toss them or offer them to a local library, but then I noticed that there was a book-swap being hosted in the Ramah late in the evening. I decided there was nothing to lose by stopping by and seeing if I could trade-in all the old books for some that I'd never read before. The Crazy Lady came with me and we had a blast. I think we walked out with almost a dozen new books. It was great.
Tuesday we got busy unpacking and reorganizing more stuff. (Will it never end!?) I couldn't work on the laptop because Z spent the entire day (and Monday afternoon/evening) putting together a: CV, cover letter, and digital portfolio. (Yup, he's actually going to try to get a job. *fingers crossed*) Late in the afternoon Z headed into Jeru (on a bus) to attend the Jerusalem Wine Festival with Akiva. Back at Home, Phil and I had a 'virtual TV date' (which is to say we watched Gilmore Girls at the same time and IM'd each other the whole time.)
Wednesday morning we had to go to the bank early to sign a form. (It was such a change of pace to be able to just head over to the bank without having to warry about over an hour of travelling.) It was quick and painless. Then we wandered around the city-center and got Buzz some borekas for breakfast. (They're his favorite!) He chose a pizza boreka for himself and was so excited when we finally (all of 2 minutes later) sat down on a bench to eat. Back at Home I baked a batch of bagels for Shabbos brunch. Then we proceeded to organize some more. Z finally installed the spice racks in the kitchen. I was therefore able to clear off the couter and get the last 3 boxes of kitchen related stuff out of the guest room.
Thursday morning - (heehee, yay today!) I did laundry, put up chicken soup, took out the chicken to defrost, set up some cream cheese to thicken, whipped up a batch of almond milk, and put the almond meal to dry... Then Frank & Z with Saba's help shlepped the sewing table to our house. We need to finish securing the closet so that we can put the table where it will stay for the duration of our sojourn in The Sun House. After a healthful and nutritious lunch (yay pita pizza!) we relaxed for a bit. Then Z dropped Frank off at Home, and took Buzz to the grocery store, in search of smoked salmon and orange juice. (Cause if you're gonna have brunch, you've got to do it right.)
I'm doing some more laundry, there's still plenty of cooking left to do, and the floor really needs to be washed. Ayala is coming for the weekend, and Sarah Leah will be sleeping over (but probably eating meals at her cousins in Aviv.) Frank might stop by for lunch (or second lunch) now that he heard that we're having bagels.
Ok - off to do some more work. Wish me luck!

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