Sunday, August 11, 2013

Group On You...

Friday was the usual erev-Shabbos stuff. Z and Buzz drove to Jeru to help a friend out. And Ayala joined us for the weekend. Great fun was had by all.
Saturday was long but we had many guests to entertain and be entertained by. Dibble showed up earlier in the day, then Phil made a grand appearance later in the afternoon. Z and Buzz went to the park for an hour of fun-time. It was oh so busy.
Sunday morning was pretty relaxed. We wandered around the house pretending to get things back in order after an exciting weekend. But we didn't accomplish much. I worked on a graphics project - a new book-cover - but I'm a little stuck on it. I also finally backed up all 3 of my cameras to the external hard drive.
At 3:30ish our visitors began to arrive for the party. Today was Freddie's graduation - only a certain number of guests could be invited, and tiny squirmy loud ones did not make the cut. So we had a get-together at our house.
We colored, we played with toys, we stuck stickers on our shirts and in our hair, we didn't touch the oven because it was 'hot hot hot', we fed each other morsels of deliciousness because we had them and we had spoons and it seemed like a good idea, we read books about knickers, we learned all about how to use oven mitts, we learned why running into one's cousin at full-force is not a good idea...We had an all around good time.
A delicious dinner-date of shnitzel and fries was a delightful way to end the party. Then all the Mommys and Daddys showed up and the party was over. We were a little sad, but we'll have another one really soon!

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