Monday, August 19, 2013

'I thought it was the horse...'

Uncle Eli chooses great friends!
Shabbos seems like such a long time ago - considering that it's only Monday night. Let's see, our company cancelled so it was a 'quiet' Friday night. Quiet in quotation marks because Buzz stayed up partying until 10pm, at which time the apartment-wide shabbos-clock turned off all of the lights in the house. (We're still working out the kinks in the timing system.) Shabbos morning we got a late start, then walked across town and enjoyed a great lunch and afternoon at The FamBily House. Phase 10, Frank's friends, The travel water-bottle, extremely chilled wine. Very enjoyable.
We walked Home towards the end of the afternoon and stopped off in the park. I awkwardly introduced myself to a bunch of people and made the first steps towards a social-life. Which ultimately got us invited out for a Shabbos meal next week. After havdalah, Phil and I watched some more Gilmore Girls (we're almost done with season 1! Yay!)
Even one of the felt-pads from a dining room chair is art.
Sunday was pretty boring. We didn't do much of anything. I sorted through photos since January and picked out a batch to get printer. I also watered the plants and pretended to clean up from shabbos (but without any real success). Buzz played with stickers, tried to eat a blue crayon, and offered to pay the electric bill - I think he accomplished the most of the three of us.
He even pays the bills
This morning was different. Buzz woke up smiling. wandered into our room in a very good mood, and poked me until I woke up. Then he happily drank his morning milk while lying in my bed. I popped out to the photo store and dropped off the pictures for printing (they'll be ready tomorrow). Then I picked up meat for meatballs and borekas for Rosh Hashana (yes, I'm already cooking for that). I also wrote 2 pages of a draft letter to GUS - which I've been pushing off because I want to send it with photos. I baked a pineapple kugel for Rosh Hashana and put it in the freezer. I also prepped felafel mixture (FF, from scratch, and made with dried beans.)
Now I know who puts back the empty cereal boxes...
Phil informed me that she and YoAbba were heading over to S&S's. I decided that instead of going to the park that we'd pop by there instead. I'm glad we did. The 5 minute walk was well worth it. Buzz had a blast (drinking alphabet vegetable soup straight from the ladle) and I enjoyed spending time with S&S.
I kidnapped Phil and back at Home we set to making dinner. I found just enough fries in the freezer so we tossed them into the oven, then I started on the felafel. The mixture was made, it was just a matter of shallow frying them. It didn't take too long and we were eating them straight from the pan. Z cut up some 'Israeli' salad and luckily we had some pickles chilling in the fridge. Absolutely filling, delicious, and even relatively nutritious!
"eh eh eh" (roughly translated: "get into my belly!"
Tomorrow I'm hoping to get some more cooking done for the Holidays. A quick trip to the store to pick up some foil pans and plastic containers is in order too. It'll be an easy Shabbos to make this week - no guests, and only one meal to plan - with soup and challah already in the freezer. (Wow I feel like a nutter - thinking about Shabbos food on a Monday night!)

Toodles for now!

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