Monday, August 26, 2013

Spiffy Sunglasses

What?! A whole week went by?! How did that happen?!

Let's see - last week I spent Tuesday and Wednesday cooking the first waves of food for chag. Two kind of meatballs, meat stuffed empanadas, and an inordinate amount of chicken soup are safely stowed away in the freezer. Also Sara came to visit! Finally! Yay!

I spent Thursday down by the Dead Sea with: The Crazy Lady, Freddie, Munchkin, and Phil. It was a blast! We spent a few hours relaxing in the big pool and enjoying the sun.

On Friday Z surprised me by cleaning most of the apartment. Floors, bathrooms, dishes... It was amazing!

Shabbos was very nice. Friday night was really quiet - thankfully Buzz went to sleep at a reasonable time. We ate Shabbos lunch by new neighbors from the building next-door. Their two boys are adorable and had a great time showing Buzz around. We wanted to visit S&S but forgot the stroller in the car. So after lunch we just went home and the afternoon flew by. Before we knew it we were heading out to the park. I met some more new people, and tried to get into this whole 'community' groove. Phil showed up and surprised us. She hung around until after shabbos and then we watched some more Gilmore Girls.

Yesterday we went out to the 'new' mall and I finally got myself a new yoman for 2013-2014. We walked around a bit and then headed home. Ground beef had been on sale at the grocery store so I picked up quite a bit. Z turned some into hamburgers for dinner, then I browned the rest of it and turned a whole bunch into kreplach (for erev yom kippur) then froze the rest for shepherds pie or something like that.

This morning I got up on the late side. Then I caught a train to Tel Aviv, where I met up with Phil at Azrieli mall. We had a blast in Forever21 and H&M, I also finally bought myself a fancy new watch - so after 8 months of having no idea what time it is without looking at my cellphone...I can finally stop feeling time-lost. Then we browsed Superpharm and finally headed back home. I crashed at The FamBily House and we watched some more Gilmore Girls. Then Z and Buzz showed up at the door. We stayed there for dinner. (Shabbos leftovers - so that the fridge could be emptied for tomorrow - Phil's bday bbq.)

Tomorrow the soragim (window bars) are supposed to be installed. I'm hoping to also bake a few batches of desserts for chag - maybe a couple of trays of brownies, and possibly some brookies (yeah, those are cookie topped typo). I need to make the challot at some point but I am so out of freezer space - I'm not sure how this is going to work.

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