Sunday, August 04, 2013

Strainer Brainer

Friday was a jam-packed busy day. Z and Buzz drove into Jeru to pick up Sarah Leah, cause she was shlepping a huge duffel bag to her cousin's house. Then she came and spent Shabbos with us.
I haven't blogged a Shabbos menu in a long time - so here we go:
Friday Night: homemade challah, chumus, roasted garlic, chicken soup with matzah balls, batter dipped shnitzel, oregano crumb wings, rice kugel, green beans.
Shabbos Lunch: homemade challah, chumus, roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes, tossed sweet lettuce salad, rice salad, broccoli quiche, carrot kugel
Desserts: lemon pound cake, mexican chocolate fudgesicles
On Shabbos afternoon Dibble and Phil came to visit us. Dibble had been at a friend's house and stopped by on his way home. Phil came for the ices (she found the recipe - so she wanted to taste them). Buzz had an absolute blast playing with his Uncle! They played with train tracks and megablocks. The kid was SUPER entertained - which was awesome!
Today we finally organized all of the books on the shelves in the living room. It took over an hour. We weeded through and found a few books to donate/toss too. Besides for that we didn't do very much on account of still being completely drained by the whole move. I know it was almost two weeks ago - but it really took a lot out of us. (#feelingold)
At a little after 5pm Buzz was being very cranky. So we put on his shoes and went out to the park. He was intrigued by all the other kids. He had a blast on the slides and the seesaw. Truth be told though, his favorite part was the swings. After the ~looooong~ walk there and the ~looooong~ walk back (it's two buildings away - but he's got short legs) he ate some dinner, had a bath, and then it was bedtime.

I actually cooked two meals today. I'm pretty impressed with myself. Granted, it was easy because I repurposed leftovers for both meals. But hey, boiled potatoes make amazing 'quick cook hashbrowns' (that was breakfast) and the roasted cherry tomatoes and garlic were just begging to be tossed with some pasta. Yay! Practically insta-dinner!!

We're going to go out tomorrow. Probably just a quick trip to the grocery store since I'm running very low on oil. It should be fun.

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