Monday, September 16, 2013

Asher Od V'Od

Yesterday we were super-busy. We kicked off the morning with a trip to the park with Freddie, Munchkin, Phil, and Uncle Dibble. We headed Home pretty quickly (because it's suuuper sunny at the park - which means that it is hot hot hot.) Akiva came to visit with Z. Then everybody left all at once. Buzz and I enjoyed scrambled eggs and potato puffs for brunch. Z came Home and then got the sukkah built in record time. Really though, under an hour. Practice does indeed make perfect. I made a 24-page long paper chain which we put up along with the twinkle-lights. It's a very pretty little booth this year. Of course Buzz helped too. Nobody is quite sure what he did, but it was something, and that's all that matters. We celebrated our progress with ice cream and a delightfully refreshing cocktail of my own engineering. The saddest moment of the day as when we finished the bottle of rum. After getting Buzz to sleep for the night, Z went out to the '4-minim shuk' with Frank to pick out sets for Frank and Dibble. I stayed home and colored and cut and crafted.
This morning dawned later than I would have liked. Or rather, I got up rather later than planned. We got off to a late start - only leaving for the grocery store at 2pm. A quick pit-stop at the post-office to FINALLY mail that letter out to GUS. We got home and unpacked the car just in time to be able to head over to S&S's house where we helped get the lights up in their sukkah. We set the timers too - but tonight will be a test as to whether they work and are set correctly or not. Buzz thoroughly enjoyed his cookie. After a nice visit we piled back into the car and drove across town to The FamBily House. There was a slight delay upon arrival - something about the mower chewing through its own cord... But not to worry - Yo'Abba fixed it right up. Yay for electrical tape! (Of course then my camera went on the fritz and wouldn't focus - hence the blurry 'victory picture'.)
Finally the mirpeset was washed and squeegeed. Then the frame came out of the machsan. Z and Yo'Abba assembled the frame and put the 'wall rope' on. Then it was time for dinner. Yummy fishies, broccoli, and fries. Deeeelicious! Everyone enjoyed. Even Oscar enjoyed some treats - cause he's Yo'Abba's friend. Then Buzz cried his, 'get me to bed quick!' cry - so we dashed out the door. Taking the contents of the tiny-freezer (all of our stuff that we'd left there before Rosh Hashana) Home with us in a big cooler bag.
Back at Home I re-re-re-reorganized the freezer. I have NO idea how I get everything in there - but in there it is. Then I washed the bottles and put away the groceries while Z put the Buzz to bed.

Busy busy day - to say the very least.

Tomorrow will be busy too. I've got a 'to-do' list that it as long as Buzz is tall. Cooking, Organizing, Cleaning... you name it - I've probably got to do it. At least we're not looking at any more 3-day-yom-tovs... totally a win for Dwellers of The Holy Land!

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