Sunday, September 01, 2013

Bern A Det

Shabbos was a whole lot of fun. Friday night we enjoyed an interesting meal with Buzz. He cried for food - then when he got food he threw it across the room. We left him strapped in his high-chair while we finished the rest of our meal. It was quite delicious. We've finally figured out how to set the timers and shabbos-clocks in the apartment and now everything runs like clockwork. Shabbos morning we walked over to The Fambily House. Buzz and the munchkin played splendidly most of the time and they also played with Fuzz. Lunch was delicious (as usual). Then we spent a large chunk of the afternoon relaxing in the living room. Once the heat of the day had passed we walked over to S&S's house for a visit. The kiddos love playing with all of the food toy and Buzz tried every trick he knows in an attempt to play with the dishwasher and refrigerator buttons.
Dressed by a committee of drunk sea monkeys
We woke up pretty early this morning. Come to think of it - we didn't sleep very well last night. I reckon another round of teething is beginning. (8 more teeth to go! 8 more teeth to go!) Scrambled eggs were on the menu for brunch. Then Buzz took a 2-hour nap (he hasn't done that in aaaaages - proof that he didn't sleep well last night) and I watched some tv while the house was quiet. Eventually I got up and decided to be productive. I baked two batches of double chocolate brownies, and two almond butter coffee cakes. I also baked up both of the FF broccoli quiches.

Buzz helped me with the baking and before I knew it we'd gone from 18 eggs to a mere 3 - with 7 of them ending up splat on the floor. A couple had just cracked slightly so I opened them and put them into a container. At that point I realized that I was in dire need of some more eggs. Which is how we found ourselves at Super-H at 6pm. We saw half a dozen people that we know and got to see S&S too - living in The Sun House definitely has its perks.

As we left the store Buzz cried that he wanted dinner so we popped into the pizza place and picked up a couple of slices. We made the poor kid wait until we got home - then he scarfed down an entire slice. I was impressed (considering he's been on an anti-food-kick for the last two weeks.)
Like a Rockstar
I managed to fit all of today's baked goods into the freezer by taking out the first of the chicken to defrost. It's in the coldest part of the fridge so it will probably stay frozen until Tuesday when I'm ready to cook it.

I need to figure out when to make my challot. This is so complicated with just one small freezer. Maybe one of these days I'll invest in a spare freezer. Then I can sell cookies and cookie dough as a side-job. Oh the possibilities.

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