Monday, September 23, 2013

"Rumousse: Heavy on the rum, light on the ousse"

Our plans yesterday sort of got lost in translation. What was supposed to be a fun filled day finally reached fulfillment in the early evening when Phil showed up for dinner. Fauxwaiin chicken and pina coladas while watching Gilmore Girls made everything better.
This morning we went on an adventure at the Azrieli Mall in Modiin. We dragged The Parentals, and Phil along for the ride. 2 hours and 48 minutes of mall wandering and shopping. I got: 3 shirts, 2 belts, 1 dress, a (replacement) vegetable peeler, and my watch sized down by 1 link (now it doesn't slide up to my elbow anymore). Highly productive if I do say so myself.

Overheard in the car on the way Home:
Z: So let me get this right - it was a vibrating monkey with a little banana, and it could be hot or cold depending on how you liked it?
P: And when you hug it, it massages you.
Z: Yeah, that's not sketchy at all...
Back at The FamBily House, we prepped dinner. Sound checks in the ampi for the concert. A 10 minute power outage that cause panic, terror, and forced people out into the street and the light of the sun. Buzz ran amok - stealing: oven trays, protective eyewear, dragon spoons, food bowls, stuffed buddies, and other miscellaneous things.

Dinner was beyond amazing. We enjoyed Chinese Fake-out - general tso, sweet&sour, and beef with broccoli. Then there was mousse for dessert, maybe, possibly, a bit too much mousse.
Tomorrow we're heading to Holon at some point to hopefully go bowling. The website indicates that it is preferable to call in advance and book a lane. However in practice, (as I was informed by the person manning the phones) you show up and wait for a lane. So this should be fun.

I haven't figured out my meals for chag yet and I'm out of clean clothes. Oh yeah, taking things in stride.

Also, it's supposed to drizzle all day tomorrow. I wonder whether it really will or not...

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