Monday, September 02, 2013

Icky Biccys

Raining and pouring is putting it mildly. To say the very least.

Ever since we moved to The Sun House (where 95 degree weather, and no breeze is the norm for a summer's day) we have been running our air-conditioning. Not continuously, but throughout the night (because although the weather cools outside, lack of cross breeze - or any breeze really - keeps the place from cooling down) and from about 2pm. We love it because in previous years we didn't have the luxury. Or course the price-tag of luxury is the electric bill - but ours seemed unusually high.

Last night at 10pm our downstairs neighbor paid us a visit. He said that an electrician friend had been by them for Shabbos and had noticed that though the unit was brand new and recently installed that the cooling didn't seem to be working efficiently. Upon further investigation he found that our both of our compressors (which are hung side by side over the neighbor's garden) have a twisted pipe/cable which is causing some sort of issue. In short - we need to get an electrician to come and fix the problem. Then our bill will be slightly lower, and the unit will cool more effectively and efficiently. The big issue here being that the landlord will most likely not do anything to help defer the cost of the technician. Also because it is a new unit and under warranty we need the company that installed the thing to do the maintenance and repair. Unfortunately that means sitting around and waiting until they find time in their schedules.

We managed to get an appointment but they are not available until after Rosh Hashana, so I guess we will just pay the inflated price for our cool until then.

We spent the morning on the phone (well, on hold) with the air-conditioning-people. Not too much got accomplished. I did make a really delicious creamy cheese sauce for lunch.

Then we picked up Phil and popped over to S&S's for a visit. Always a delight - I love living down the street from them! It thrills me that Buzz is getting to know them an that they get to spend so much time with him.

We toiveled my new coffee-cup, the mugs that Timmy bought for us in Belgium, and the awesomely amazing baking dish that S&S gave us for purim (which I am really excited to make stuffed shells in for sukkot!) Then we went Home. I forced Phil to bake a double batch of FF chocolate chip cookies for me and we watched Buzz watch Curious George which was quite amusing.

Z was happy because the post office slip finally arrived for Phil's birthday gift so he ran to the post office to pick it up.

Of course as if one appliance going kaput wasn't enough - our fridge decided to conk out (yet again) early this afternoon. I noticed that it was warming up, Z was in denial (as usual) and by 5pm he couldn't deny my complaint. He called a friend from GushEzion (who does travel to The Sun House) who is in the business but he was unavailable until after the chag he was however able to recommend a friend of his. We called this friend of a friend who was on his way home to prepare for his son's sheva brachot - but he was so kind and made the time to stop by and check out the situation.

Diagnosis: Ice in the airways. We keep the fridge in shabbos mode all the time (by keeping the lights taped up) which confuses the internal computer and the machine never runs its defrost cycle - so ice accumulates in the airways and vents that move the air from the freezer to cool the fridge.

Treatment: Defrost the thing.

Problem? Well, I've only cooked about 70% of all the food that I'm planning to make for Rosh Hashana, Shabbos Shuva, Erev Yom Kippur, Motzei Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and of course the other random stuff that I've got in there to eat until then.

What was it that I was saying about needing a secondary freezer? *sigh* Right.

Thankfully I have the most amazing parents in the world. Their extra-extra fridge can be set to a very low temperature and is virtually a freezer. So we filled up two huge laundry baskets and shlepped most of the contents of my freezer over to their house.

Then we hung out for a bit and pillaged/foraged for dinner in their fridge. Shabbos leftovers are deeeelicious! We shmoozed and relaxed. Eventually Buzz got tired and cranky so we packed up their coolers and drove across town.

I packed the remainder of the contents of my fridge into the freezer bags, unplugged the fridge, and set a pot of boiling water in the freezer to help steam-clear the vents as per the electrician's recommendation.

Hopefully in a few hours it will have cleared out enough to get us through the first leg of the chagim.

What an adventure.

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