Saturday, September 07, 2013

Lil' Jerome Don'Like Bein' Watched

Motzei Shabbos and a new year - welcome to '74, I'm sure it'll be great!

We were successful in getting our fridge up and running before chag. The air-conditioning was sort of a lost cause but we ran it anyway. We felt super 'space-age-y' with our electric burners, oven, and plata all hooked up to shabbos-clocks.

The first night was quiet. Z and I enjoyed a quiet meal alone.

We walked over to The FamBily House for lunch the first day. BBQ deliciousness and socializing. We made it back Home juuust in time for Z to run out to mincha/maariv.

The second morning we waited for Sara to arrive but instead her brother showed up carrying a message that she was under the weather. We thanked him for shleping the 15 minutes out to let us know, offered him some water, then sat down to an amazingly delicious meal.

We learned some new halachot about chag with regard to food preparation. I had miscalculated the number of challot that I would need for the holiday and was short - so I ended up baking a loaf of 'no knead' bread. We ate it warm from the oven with the juices from the roasted garlic and cherry tomatoes. It took less than 5 minutes of hands-on effort and was better than any restaurant I have ever been to.

Friday afternoon dragged on. I was slightly anxious about the upcoming meal - the whole mishpucha was coming. I wanted everything to go perfectly. Our table was opened up to its fullest length (with both leaves). We set the table with a hodge-podge of dishes (all 6 of our Shabbos dishes and 3 of our everyday set). Our collection of chairs (including 4 plastic ones washed special for the occasion). The only thing in my (relative)'power' was getting the food to the people in 'near-perfect' condition and I was suuuuper nervous (ridiculous, I know - but it was intimidating.)

Everybody arrived, we found our seats, and finally it was kiddush time. The meal went off without a hitch. Appetizers, soup (with the fun stuff on the sides), main course with sides, and finally dessert. I consider the whole thing a success because the Dibble partook of 2 courses (in addition to challah) - that's a new record for me.

After the meal there was much; storytime, journal reading, picture browsing, laughter and all around enjoying. Poor Buzzy didn't want to miss out on any of the fun and refused to go to sleep. He wandered around the house crying from exhaustion and trying to have a good time as his little eyes tried to close. Eventually we got him into bed but it was way past his bedtime.

The next morning was, wow, it was this morning. (It seems like so long ago.) We made our way to the other side of town. Then we enjoyed another delicious lunch at The FamBily House with some of my parents' neighbors. It was really nice. Later in the afternoon we headed Home. Z and Buzz ended up going straight back Home while Phil and I continued on to S&S's house for a birthday visit! We delivered the birthday muffins then spent a couple of highly enjoyable hours shmoozing with S&S. We made it Home a little before havdala.

That 3-day holiday sort of flew-by. I'm not quite sure how it went so quickly. Although my fridge is FULL of leftovers. Where'd those come from? Ohhh riiiight...

Next weekend - Yom Kippur. Til then - more fun stuff!

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