Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lindos Broomsicles

Hello world! It's me again!

This morning kicked off super-early. (Buzz was overly eager to get the day started.) We organized the guest room. I finally put my clothes on hangers and organized my skirts and sweaters. We unpacked 4 boxes, and shuffled the others around to look more neat. The important thing is that the beds have been found, so now there's somewhere for our guests to sleep. Also, my clothes are organized, so now I can get dressed up nicely for shabbat and chag. Yay!

Our next mission of the day was 'freezer-hunt'. I know I've been typing about needing wanting a big spare freezer so that I can bake/store stuff in advance (especially for holidays and the like.) We had actually discussed the possibility of buying one numerous times over the past few years - but now that we've gone through a 3-day-chag without one (and it was slightly disasterous) I decided that we really needed one. Z finally saw my reasoning (especially now that we'll always be Home for chagfrom  now on.) we spent a few horus last night researching various makes, models, and brands. I found a few that I liked and we figured we'd try our luck at the local stores to see whether they had them in stock. Unbelievably enough we went into one store and the guy said, 'I've got the model that you want on a truck on it's way to be delivered to the store right now, we can deliver it to your house today.' As you can imagine I was thrilled. The delivery guy brought it early this afternoon and we're letting it settle for a few hours before plugging it in. By tomorrow morning it should be ready for all of the goodies that I'm scheduled to make. I'm so excited!!!

Our second stop of the day was at The FamBily House. Z helped Yo'Abba get the sukkah walls dressed then they tackled the schach. Buzz took an amazing hour and forty minute long nap - on the living room couch - happy as could be. I listened to Phil's picture-taker-saga-update and found random snacks while trying to connet to the wifi. Eventually we decided to head Home.

We unpacked the freezer and put it in the corner where it's going to live. I organized the laundry room, and cleared off the dining room table. I paid some bills and filed some paperwork (ok, I made Z do the filing, but I oversaw the task.) There's still loads to be done but I wanted to make sure to update you before I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow tonight.

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