Saturday, September 14, 2013

Mega Blocks!

Whoop whoop! We made it through yet another Yom Kippur. I'm not going to lie - I have become a terrible faster. To the point that getting out of bed makes me so dizzy and nauseous that I just don't. Poses a problem when there's a tiny person to consider. In order to get through the fast Z was forced to stay close to Home. I wouldn't have made it otherwise.

In other news - we had some excitement(?) on Thursday night when Z thought he saw a rodent out of the corner of his eye while washing dishes. I freaked out a little. Then I freaked out A WHOLE LOT MORE when at 10pm (lying in bed watching tv with the lights off) I heard scratching noises on the floor and looked down to see a small blob vanish under the bed. We chased the tiny mouse into the walk in closet (behind the big furniture unit) then it got past us, ran down the hall, and disappeared somewhere in my kitchen. He was nowhere to be seen all of Friday. Z went out and bought some sticky-traps (they don't have the 'have-a-heart' kind here and I didn't want those horrible crushing ones that cartoons always make fun of. I didn't like the idea of the sticky ones either, but I wanted that mouse gone.) Suffice it to say that late this afternoon - semi-delirious from low blood-sugar and partially dehydrated, I heard a noise in the kitchen. The poor little mouse had given up hiding and gone in search of food. The blob of peanut butter in the trap was too enticing and he went for it, realizing too late that he was good and stuck. Z took him and the trap out to the dumpster. I sat and cried for the poor little critter. (Happy story for after Yom Kippur, right?)

Tomorrow there will be the ceremonial building of the sukkah. We totally forgot that we need a new fabric wall because this year we'll be using it the 'long' way instead of the 'short' way (or whichever way it is - because of the shape of the mirpeset.) So we'll have to pick one of those up. Z's arba-minim have been ordered and will be delivered to the door.

Z has special requested that I make baklava, but I'm not quite sure when to fit that in with any of my menus. There are a lot of holidays, but still not quite enough.

Bring on the winter - I want it to be cold enough to eat stew!!!


*Miriam* said...

Hey, I enjoy reading your blog and don't usually comment, but I couldn't help but wondering, kind of horrified-- you threw a mouse in the trash, when he was still alive and glued to a trap??
Miriam Buckman-Goldstein

Lori Polly Nemoy said...

We pried him off the trap using a folded up plastic bag (those critters bite!) and gave him the peanut butter. Not sure where he ended up after that though. Really I don't care, so long as final-destination is not my apartment!