Friday, September 27, 2013

Messy Links

I was very lazy about getting the cooking done before chag and ended up spending about an hour driving around with Phil. We toiveled the new vegetable peeler and wine glasses, and we shopped at the co-op-shop because SuperH was a zoo. I did spend about three hours frying up vegetable chips. Yup, you read that right, I made my very own 'Terra' style sweet potato chips. But I made about 5 bags-worth - using 5.5 ENORMOUS potatoes.

Eventually it was time to light candles. Z went out to shul leaving me with the tiny bit of crazy. The little wierdo ate a bowl of chicken soup with rice, carrots, peas, and multi-grain cheerios for crunch. Then Z came Home to take him out to shul. The excitement was thrilling but at about 8:30 the noise overwhelmed him and he fell fast asleep. Z tucked him into bed and he slept straight through until 7am.

The FamBily joined us, at our house, for dinner last night. I decided to ignore convention and we skipped the soup course. Instead we went straight to the unbelievably, fall-off-the-bone, juicy, delicious Hawaiian-style chicken. Everyone was stuffed by the time we were done. Some mini-powernaps were taken and the The FamBily trekked back across town.

This morning Z went to a 7am 'fast' minyan in Sheinfeld. They were done nice and quick, then had a kiddush, and Z was Home by 9:45am. He actually really enjoyed it. Buzz was just thrilled to have his Abba Home so early. We had some breakfast and relaxed for a while. Then at about 1ish we left for the other side of town. Lunch was at about 3 at The FamBily House, then we hung out there until almost 6. We had planned on staying until after chag, but forgot to bring a bottle for Buzz. So we kidnapped Phil and hiked back up and over the hill. We stopped at the park on the way, in an attempt to tire out the kiddo. He ran amok and had a blast. Eventually his repeated attempts to leave the park in the direction of Home led us to believe that he actually wanted to get back to his fuzzy buddies and of course his very delayed bottle.

After havdala Z put Buzz to bed while Phil and I watched some more GIlmore Girls. We enjoyed leftovers from last nights dinner, but skipped the broccoli.

A notice went out that tomorrow morning the building managers are having an exterminator come to spray in the halls, stiarwells, and storage rooms in the basement. Remember when we sprayed in our apartment, in The Middle of Nowhere? And I complained that the spray was on EVERYTHING? All chemically and gross and sticky? Right. So I decided to clear out the machsan and organize it. I piled everything possible onto the shelving unit, and covered the whole thing with long plastic tablecloths. Then I forced Phil and Z to help me shlep the crib, and changing table, and other miscellaneous things up to the apartment. Because, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

The fact that we were harrassed by an extremely persistent cockroach while on our way up and down led me to believe that the spraying is necessary. Not at the cost of ruining my stuff though, even if it meant more effort for me.

Tomorrow hopefully we'll pick up our exercise bike. Then Z wants to take down our sukkah and The FamBily's sukkah. I want to spend as much time out of the building as possible, to give the poison time to dissipate.

Thankfully the food for Shabbos is basically all cooked. I made the chicken tonight, couscous takes all of five minutes, and peas defrost on the counter quite quickly. Lunch is coming straight from the freezer. Yeah, this is good. Very good.

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