Tuesday, September 24, 2013

'Only 7? Nice Try.'

I dragged myself out of bed at 8, as per Z's request that I make breakfasts at a 'decent' hour. A huge potato pancake and scrambled eggs later I was more tired than I'd started out. Then we waited and waited until the appointed time arrived to head out.
At The FamBily House we collected the travelers and piled into the van. The seemingly flowing traffic got our spirits up, until we got stopped by a train and caught in a ridiculously heavy downpour on Rt. 38. I navigated until we reached the exit for Rt. 4 - at which point I got us very lost and we ended up going north instead of south. We waved goodbye to Holon as we drove towards Haifa. We managed to turn ourselves around in Rishon, and then sped on past Holon as I insisted we should stay to the left. We waved to our destination yet again and decided that maybe it was destined to be a trip to Yavne. Eventually we saw an overpass, which indicated that our chances of turning around - for a second time - was at hand. At this point we tuned on the Dingding (GPS) and she guided us on a roundabout (because she didn't recognize the relatively new exit ramp and thought that we were driving through a field) route to our destination. The important thing is that we made it and found parking right around the corner.
We wandering into the building, up 2 really sketchy flights of steps, and eventually arrived. We got a lane, put on our bowling shoes, and started our first game. It was highly entertaining. To be honest we decided to play with bumpers (to give some of us, ahem, me, a fighting chance of breaking 50...) We bowled two highly entertaining games in a little under two hours. Then on our way out of the bowling alley we stopped of for some celebratory fethtival-spirit ice cream. We took the scenic route home - there was no traffic, and there was much in-flight entertainment.
Back at The FamBily House we indulged in the leftover Chinese from last night. Then we bummed around while The Crazy Lady worked on a gown for Little Miss Freddie to wear to her uncle's wedding.
Phil decided that Happy Hour was upon us and mixed up a couple of batches of Pina Coladas. Too many for the blender to handle though - as they found out when she accidentally turned it on to pulse while trying to open it. She and Buzz (who was helping her) got a shower of goodness. Then we divvied it up and it was all 'bottomsup' from there.
Z and Dibble are busy building a 'level' on the Xbox and the rest of us are just sitting around. I still have potatoes sitting on the counter in a bowl of water at Home from this morning.
Oh yeah, and the whole cooking thing...that has to happen too.


Til then, I'll have another pink umbrella on top!

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