Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tiny Oranges

Chag seems like it was ages ago. It was a lot of fun. We skipped soup for the night meal and wer able to thoroughly enjoy the Indian-masala chicken and meat stuffed shells. Buzz stayed up for dinner and sat at the table in the seat he chose for himself. It was adorable. In the morning we walked to The FamBily House and spent the day having fun with everybody. We didn't even bother braving the walk Home and hung-out until after chag.
Friday morning we decided to head out to IKEA nice and early. We kidnapped Phil and were parking at around 10am. The place was a mob-scene. It was scary. But we managed to get the cabinet doors for our living room bookcase that I've been wishing for. (Now that Buzz's new hobby is ripping bindings off of books...we decided we should hide the lower shelves from him.) The cooking was mostly done so we were in no rush to get out of the store, until we realized that it was getting more crowded by the minute. As we pulled out of the parking lot we noticed that cars were sitting on lines surrounding the place just to get into the place. It was crazier than the zoo or an amusement park on summer-camp fun-day.
Back at Home I cooked the last 2 pasta salads, fed our guest some lunch, organized the house a bit, and got ready for Shabbos. Buzz was thrilled to play with the new stuff we'd bought. Yay cups! They're short, stack nicely, and have handles!
Friday night was funny. Buzz joined us for the meal and really enjoyed the 'oriental style' chicken soup. Especially the noodles in it. (I'm not gonna lie, it tasted exactly like the Chinese take-out we used to get in Shmutz La'aretz.) I even threw in some kreplach for Z (in place of wontons) and he was thrilled with it. For lunch we were joined by a fun family from the building next-door. The table looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL all set with the pretty new china! We enjoyed a delicious bagel brunch, everything from homemade bagels and quiche to chocolate milk and mimosas. Then an amazingly delicious dessert brought by our guests of B&J's ice cream and Greek Frozen-Yogurt. Yummmmmy! All the kiddos had a blast. They played with train tracks and read. It was great! At around 2ish our guests headed out. I lay down to rest, but was stuck watching Buzz because Z conked out before me. I was drifting off to sleep when there was a knock at the door. It was Phil. Energized by a second-wind we relaxed and ate more dessesrts.
When Shabbos was over we all enjoyed an amazing dinner of leftovers. Then we watched some Gilmore Girls until we were interrupted by the torrential downpour of rain. I ran outside to bring in the last of the things from the sukkah and to cover the power strip with a plastic tablecloth. (Who the heck expected rain like that during an 'early' sukkos! It's only September for goodness sakes!) The sukkah survived, I think. The decorations got soaked and the chain ripped, but we'll fix that up.

Sunny Bear's arm popped off yesterday so we dropped her off at 'St. Fuzz Infirmary' for an outpatient limb reattachment. Thankfully it went smoothly and she was back home with her family after just a few of hours. Good as new. Many thanks to the amazing surgeon. You can't even tell she had work done. No scar or anything!!
It's getting sort of late and we still haven't decided what to do today. We are trying to choose between: bowling, 3 different malls, the beach, and/or a hike. I guess I should check the weather forecast...

Moadim Le'simcha!!!

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