Monday, September 30, 2013

Willy Nilly

I woke up early to a Buzz-monster trying to climb into my bed. Over me. Yeah, it wasn't quite 6am.

I went to RBS with The Crazy Lady. We picked up some random stuff and wandered around a bit. Then we headed Home.

Buzz was being his usual crazy self, right until a carpet fell from the sky. More on that at my new blog: - I'll update it whenever something new comes down to us. From our experience in the past two months I'm guessing that will be quite often.

At five-ish we went out to the park. I met a new neighbor (from the building over), and Buzz got to blow off some extra energy. Up the slides, down the slides, up the hill, down the hill, on the swings, off the swings, on the little seesaw car, off the little seesaw car... Then on the way home he wanted to be swung every third step.

I guess our 'park' ploy worked because Buzz conked out for the night before 8, which is earlier than he has gone to sleep for almost two whole weeks.

So we have lots of time to watch tv and relax. Kid free hours! Yay!!!

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