Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yeller Aysh!

Mazal Tov to our D-zigger cousins on the birth of a little princess! Such exciting news to hear!!!
Friday was craaazy busy. We were barely home. We left home by 9am to escape the exterminator. Z and Mr. Freddie took down S&S's sukkah. We hung out at The FamBily House a  lot. Their sukkah eventually got taken down. We kidnapped Phil and went to the mall where we bought Buzz new shoes. Yup, NEW shoes - size 23s this time - because the 21s that we bought him 6 weeks ago were tiny on him. Poor kid, I should have taken him in 3 weeks ago when they seemed small. Dinner was super simple and we managed to get everything organized despite getting home only an hour and a half before candle lighting time.
Shabbos morning we woke up early. After shul we walked over to The FamBily House for lunch. We ended up hanging out ALL afternoon. It was sort of slow and quiet - but enjoyable. Back at Home we waited for Buzz to wind down, then finally got to sleep.
This morning we got up earlier than usual. Well actually, we didn't get up earlier than usual, but we definitely got out earlier than usual. We headed out to RBS to catch a Sheffield bris and see all of the Israeli Sheffields/Fishmans. It was great!
Then we went to The FamBily House where we all piled into the van and drove up to Jerusalem. Buttons for the gown, a haircut, and all the goodies that I couldn't help taking pictures of. We wandered around 'Town' for a while then went back to The Sun House. A few more hours at The Fambily House. Then we went Home.
Z started taking down the sukkah. Buzz ran amok. We tried to figure out 'to-do' lists for tomorrow. All quite exhausting, but I can't wait to try to find an actual routine.

Tomorrow we clean the house.


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