Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Tuesday morning got off to a slow start. We lazed around after a late brunch of potatoes. I did wash and fold a lot of laundry - though to be honest there was more to fold than to wash. (This whole 'fill ALL the laundry baskets with clean clothes' thing sort of backfires at a certain point. Namely, when one runs out of laundry baskets.)
 Buzz took an early very short nap which threw us for a loop. We got to go to S&S's a little earlier than expected. Z helped out with a few things while Buzz got comfortable playing with all the toys. The Crazy Lady and Phil joined the fun too. We sorted through a few bins and found all sorts of exciting stuff.
Buzz acquired a number of new fuzzy buddies. Pablo (pictured above, as the bottom of the 'sleep pile') and Stripes the Lyon (an exotic looking distant cousin of Fringe) have achieved 'bed status' in record time. Stripes was super busy today - driving the bimba, at the park, running amok - good thing he's completely machine washable, he'll need it sooner (as opposed to later).
This morning we had a 'fancy' breakfast - I cooked up a batch of waffles - which we haven't had for a few months. Buzz was thrilled - even though I was sneaky and made him eat scrambled eggs while I made the waffles so that they could be 'dessert'.
Buzz then proceeded to color with his fancy new crayons that he got from S&S yesterday. He was so excited to have a whole box all of his very own. He even found a nice plastic container to store them in so that they didn't roll off the table.
I washed all of the dishes and tried to straighten up the disaster area which is my kitchen. I didn't get very far on account of laziness. After all - today is Wednesday which means that tomorrow I'll start cooking for Shabbos so the kitchen will get messy anyway... Hopefully I can get all of the cooking done nice and early so that all there is to do on Friday is wipe everything down. That would be amazing - we'll see if it happens.
Buzz took his nap and it was a nice long one too. When he woke up I made lunch for everybody - yay for minestrone soup and pasta. Then we all found our shoes, packed up the bags and went out to The Park at the Top of the Hill.
Buzz enjoyed himself as usual. He showed Stripes all of the fun activities and even took him down the suuuuper tall twisty slide! Some hooligans broke one of the swings by being wild so after they left the park Buzz went over to investigate. He was quite irritated because he wasn't able to mend the swing - but he was intrigued enough to study it at great length.
After an hour at the park Buzz got bored but we could tell that he was still full of energy. So we swung by The FamBily House. It was very quiet inside (we had passed The Crazy Lady and Fuzz on their way to the vet). Yo'Abba came up to shmooze for a bit. Then just as I was getting bored all of the boys showed up complaining that they were hungry. Pita Pizza seemed the easiest thing to make but I insisted that we be more civilized and make 'real' food for dinner. So we kneaded up a batch and a half of 'quick-ish' pizza dough which eventually baked up 2 pizza pies and a tray of pizza buns. We served the pizza alongside a pot of Phil's minestrone soup. Voila - dinner.
Tomorrow Z has class in the morning. He arranged to get a ride with a friend from the next neighborhood (I like that they're sort of carpooling - the thought of all the driving alone makes my anxiety flare-up.) I've got to cook for Shabbos - Abe will be joining us - so I can't be super lazy and only serve desserts from the freezer - instead of meals...

Ok - time to relax before the fray of tomorrow.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Roo, Jim, Tom, Lou?

We kicked off the morning with eggs & fries. Then Buzz got stuck in a box (it pretty much went like this: ) We went out to the grocery store to buy craisins and carrots. On our way to the car Buzz made a break for it and took off in the direction of the park. When we returned he tried valiantly again - but was unsuccessful in his efforts.
After naptime we did some more arts-n-crafts. Yesterday we bought a thick pack of smiley-face stickers for less than 3 shekels - today we put a sheet of them to good use. Z left for school (I packed a suuuper nice fresh dinner of pasta with meat-sauce to take with him.) We went to the park for a while, then Phil arrived just before bath-time commenced.
Dinner was deeeelicious (and numerous courses long for certain parties). Buzz eventually went to sleep which left the grown-ups free to watch some Gilmore Girls and eat way too many desserts. At some point Z came home and when our episode was over he was kind enough to take Phil Home.
Tomorrow we wash some laundry and straighten up the house a bit.

Then we visit S&S, which we're super excited about!

Rumor has it we might see Phil and The Crazy Lady too.

Should be a good one.

Sunday, October 27, 2013


On Thursday night I ran an update on my iPad and for some reason the process crashed. End result - full factory restore of my device. Consequences - lost all the data I had stored on my iPad. Truth be told - I'm pretty good about backing up all of it up and had done so two night prior to the failed update - so this just gave me a good excuse to start with a clean slate. It did make me grumpy though. Not gonna lie.

Friday morning was kind of ridiculous. I got completely enthralled with this awesome website and ended up wasting hours on it shopping. The good news is that I ordered a new pair of shabbos slacks and a pair of jeans for Z (good news because the pairs he has now have had holes in them for the last few months - possibly year - but he couldn't find ones he liked anywhere in this country.) I also got some fun stuff for Buzz - winter hat and a pair of chinos just because they were adorable and a great price. I only started cooking for Shabbos at about 2:30pm, but since we ate out for lunch there wasn't much to do.

Ayala was with us for the weekend and we had a blast. She brought Buzz's pjs that we'd ordered to her house in Canada. They're adorable and he's worn two of the pairs already! He loves them and keeps wanting to snuggle with them. All in all quite hysterical.

Shabbos day was fun. We went over to The FamBily House after shul. The Freddies were there too. Buzz and Little Miss had a blast playing together (as usual). Lunch was delicious, dessert was pretty darn good too. Then we lazed around, relaxing. We had some awesome visitors who braved the kitties and all.

Eventually we all walked to the park at the top of the hill where the little people ran amok. Amok! Woohoo! We played until the hour was late, and a the air was cool with late afternoon chill. Then we split up and made our ways back to our homes.

This morning was a little confusing due to the time-change. Buzz got up at 'regular' time so today when I say it was an 'early' wake-up - I'm pretty justified.

Z had homework to do so Buzz and I went out on an adventure. First we stopped at the toy store, and we bought Buzz a brand new toy. One of those awesome things with the beads and the wires. He was enthralled. I was thrilled because it's great for hand-eye coordination and mostly because it doesn't make noise! Woohoo!

After dropping the toy off in the car I decided to walk to the other stores down the road. I put Buzz on my back and set off. At the first store the proprietor was very impressed with my 'mad babywearin' skillz'. They were also amused at how relaxed and happy Buzz was. Meanwhile Buzz kept randomly giggling with his head resting on my back. It was pretty entertaining.

On the way home Buzz fell asleep cuddling Shpunky-Monkey and with an animal cracker hanging out of his mouth. In his defense - it was time for his nap.

This afternoon I guess we'll go out to the park. Maybe Z will even come with us.

Personally I'm excited that Buzz should be going to sleep between 7-8pm instead of 8-9pm. A whole extra hour at night! It doesn't seem like much - but to me it definitely is.
Don't forget to keep up to date with Phil and all her witty witty antics:

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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yesterday was interesting. We dropped Buzz off at The FamBily House and went out to run some errands. When we picked him up we foraged for some brunch - yummm potatoes! We went Home so that the kiddo could nap. When he woke up we fed him lunch, and he fed Barney some lunch.
We weren't getting anything else done around the house so we decided to head out. First stop was the post office - I had ordered a liter of maple syrup from iherb - and it finally arrived. I can't wait to make pancakes and waffles. Then we went back to The FamBily House shlepping our drill with us. We needed the drill to help hang up hooks in some bedrooms. We ended up enjoying dinner with the famBily - mmm, spaghetti and meatballs.
This morning Z left for school at 7:15. (He avoided the 6am bus by getting a ride with a fellow student who lives a neighborhood over.) Z leaving at such an early hour meant that it was just me and Buzz - alone, together, for a long long time... Thankfully it went really well. We baked two different types of muffins, did some arts-n-crafts, read some books, pretended to make some soup, actually made some soup, and ran around in circles. Buzz napped on the late side so I woke him up after only a little more than an hour. He was grumpy after the early wake-up (I couldn't really blame him) so after some lunch, and some more playing, and snacktime we went out to the park.
Z got home as we were heading up to the swings. Buzz was swinging happily when he heard Z's voice coming down the path - he turned around and waved with THE most adorably excited smile on his face! After the park we went home and I baked up a loaf of herbed cheese stuffed bread. It turned out amazingly - look at that swirl. (Not great pictures but that's what you get for having starving boys salivating behind your ipad screen.) We also met with my new hero - the person who is getting the house project off the ground - it's moving along and it's thanks to her!
Tomorrow is Friday again - I don't understand how it's possible seeing as it was just Sunday yesterday - right?! On the bright side - Ayala is coming for the weekend and we're going to The FamBily House for lunch because The Freddies will be in town. It should be fun! I'm hoping to get everything done early - like last week. Yes, that's my hope.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

'Snakes. And Pasta.'

We frittered(?) away yesterday morning. Like, ALL of it. I did make breakfast for Buzz - and we ended up sharing the scrambled eggs. The morning flew by and I got absolutely nothing productive done. Yay for Monday mornings.
Z got Buzz to nap at his 'regular' time - so at 2pm he took the opportunity to sneak out while the kid was still sleeping. Buzz woke up at 2:30 on the dot so I fed him some lunch and then we got dressed. After some arts-n-crafts and chasing each other around the dining room table we shoe-d up and went out to the park.
 The park was a lot of fun. We spent almost two hours there. Buzz drank his bottle lounging on a park bench - looking very much like a well-dressed homeless wino. Then he ran around like a crazy person until deciding to take me home. Dinner, pjs, then tooth-brushing - followed by sleep. Quite straightforward and simple. I was impressed.
This morning we woke up early but lazed around for a bit. It was municipal election day but it's not a holiday or anything. We went out to the grocery store - because I finally got around to writing a shopping list last night. Buzz fell asleep on the way home so we ended up going back to the house for a couple of hours.
While we were there I reorganized both freezers - my fingers were freeezing but the stuff was neat. I was happy. Buzz woke up and I made some lunch for the boys. Chicken and couscous! Yum!
Then we finally went out to vote. We were assigned to vote in RBS-B. It was kind of surreal and we felt quite out of place wandering the streets looking for the place. We finally managed to find it - cast our votes - and got the heck outta there.
 Our next stop was the park at the top of the hill. Phil and Timmy met us there and we had a famBily party.
It was a lot of fun. Phil took command of the camera so today there are some pictures of me and I was free to play too! It was awesome! I don't know why more of the other parents don't go on the climbing structures too. Actually, I'm impressed at how many do - but a lot don't and I think they're missing out.
Buzz climbed up the ladder, spun around suuuper fast on the twirly-whirly, crawled through the tunnel, slid down the slides, swung on the swings, and bumped up and down on the seesaw. So busy!
After a lot of playing we decided to head to The FamBily House for some deeelicious dinner and fresh cookies! Great end to a long but satisfying day.
To see more pictures from our party at the park you can click on this link:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Matriarch: A ruler of a house

I woke up suuuuper groggy this morning. It might have had something to do with the impromptu party we had last night. Candied nuts, leftover desserts from shabbos, and of course we finished the wine from the weekend too. On second though it could have been backlash from staying up shmoozing until after 1am on Friday night and then an early wake-up Saturday. The world may never know.

Z made some eggs for Buzz. I ate more tiny donuts, then an enormous iced coffee. Then it was noon and Z was washing dishes so I snuggled with Buzz on the couch, and he promptly fell asleep. I moved him to his bed and he slept for an hour before wandering out to find us in the living room. He was kvetchy. I decided his nap hadn't been long enough. A few more minutes of cuddling on the couch and he was out again. I put him down on the rug and he slept for another two hours!

After some lunch we all got dressed so that we could go out and get some fresh air. We went out to 'The Park at the Top of the Hill' and played for about an hour. Buzz had a blast. I went down the slides with him and ran up the ramps too. He impressed me by climbing one of the ladders all by himself! (Progress! We've been working on it for the last week or so...) Today his favorite activity was the little round&round thing. He climbed on, took a seat, and proceeded to spin himself silly. Really though, I didn't help him at all. He even ate his snack while turning in lazy circles. (I was nauseous for him - he seemed fine though.)

After the park we were all dressed with nowhere to go. So we decided to swing by The FamBily House. Yo'Abba and Frank had gone to deliver a bed to The Freddies', but The Crazy Lady was Home - so we stopped in to say hi. I'm not sure how 2 hours flew by - but both Z & Buzz had dinner and we all caught up on the events since last Wednesday. Fuzz got snacks and Frankie played catch-the-kid through the door. All in all a lot of fun.

We left for our side of town at 7ish because Buzz was crashing. A nice bath for the stinky kid, then we dressed him up in his choice of pjs.  The fuzzy fleece sleeper - with the dinosaur on it! I guess it was a good thing that the pjs we got him last year were too big. They're bordering on small now, since they're 12-18month, but they'll last for a bit longer. His new 18-24month pjs should be arriving with Ayala on Friday! It's SO exciting! This years collection is suuuuper geeky. I love it!

I suppose I should go write a shopping list. I'm hoping not to buy too much this week - but I'm realizing that we're running out of random things like plastic baggies and plastic forks. I guess I'm only noticing now because Z needs to pack lunch/dinner to take to school and we don't have 'packaging' materials. It's alright, we'll get it sorted out eventually.

I really need to figure out how to organize Buzz's clothes. Now that he's bigger his clothes are larger, so they take up more space. He likes to use his dresser as a storage space for his toys rather than clothes - which I guess isn't bad seeing as if they're not in drawers then they're in an old partly eaten cardboard box. So I need to engineer a storage solution - it's quite a puzzle.

Alright - enough rambling. I'm off. Tata for now!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ambassador's Daughters

Sooo Thursday... What did I actually get done? To be honest, it doesn't feel like much. We did go to the park on Reuven, and Buzz got pizza at chalav u'dvash because he was soooo hungry. I also scared the bajeebies out of Yo'Abba and The Crazy Lady when I showed up unannounced to 'borrow' the mini-donut pans. (Juuuust as they were putting their feet up to celebrate a kid-free day. Hehehe...) We toiveled my new crinkle-cutter and Z's snazzy new tiny Irish 1-shot flask. I did do a bit of cooking and even did some laundry. I also may or may not have baked a tray of 5 chocolate chip cookies, intending to share with Z when he got out of putting Buzz to sleep, and subsequently eaten them all. Then in an effort to look less gluttonous I baked another 5 cookies. When Z came into the kitchen I was straightening up and he commented on the fact that I had waited for him to enjoy dessert. I cracked and started laughing hysterically and told him what had happened. Then begged him not to make me eat any more.
Friday morning was sort of insane. I woke up and realized that even though I'd made the eggplant parmesan already that all the 'little things' I'd left would add up to a few hours worth of work! So I got right down to it. Before I knew it the quiches were done, the donuts were baked, the house was clean - and there were still TWO whole hours before candle lighting time! I was impressed. I took a long hot shower nice and early. Then I still even had time to clean the stovetop. It was great!
Shabbat was a lot of fun. We were joined by Z's friends from school, and it made for a highly entertaining weekend. I decided to go very simple with the salads for lunch which left me free this morning after setting a gorgeous table with the beautiful dairy china, complete with champagne flutes for mimosas! So at 9am Buzz and I ventured out to the park. The air was cool and crisp - we wore sweatshirts - it was delightful! Then 15 minutes later I took off our outer layers as the sun had come out and The Sun House was sweltering. Lunch was great. Then some Settlers and some desserts. More time at the park. Havdala after Phil showed up and Buzz gave us a great show - well, more of a comedy act. Then it was all 'which bus and which bus stop'?! Finally it was just Me, Z, and Phil left.
Just for my records - Shabbos Menu:
Friday night: roasted garlic, chumus, matbucha, assorted olives, chopped liver, chicken soup with matzah balls & kreplach, stovetop roasted chicken (white wine, lemon juice, oregano, s&p, garlic), green beans, white rice

Shabbat lunch: roasted garlic & cherry tomatoes, assorted olives and pickles, chumus, matbucha, tossed salad (salty & sweet), oriental rice salad, eggplant parmesan (Annie's recipe), tomato onion quiche, FF broccoli quiche (mozzarella & Bulgarian cheese)

Desserts: pecan pie cookies, mini pumpkin spice donuts, mini chocolate donuts, chocolate chip cookies
I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow. Maybe I'll organize some more. Everything seems like a messy disaster here but finding the 'beginning' to start cleaning is proving to be quite a difficult task.

For now I'm going to enjoy some Phil time! Have a great week!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cat Helmet

Yesterday morning I went to a secondhand kids clothing sale in RBS. I got a few cute things for Buzz and some for his cousin too. Then I joined Z and Buzz playing at the ENORMOUS new-looking park in that neighborhood. I guess I found out where our tax shekels have been going.
I cooked up a full batch of split pea soup and a batch of minestrone soup to stock the freezer. I got 15 servings, well 16, but Z and Buzz had some for dinner too.

We took a very quick trip to the park. Buzz wanted to go and once we got there he just wanted to go home. We took the long way home, and Buzz conked out nice and early.
This morning was somewhat productive. I cleared off the guest room bed and straightened up the place. Then I got to work on the laundry. There were 3 loads waiting to be folded, so I dealt with them. Then I started washing the other loads that needed to be cleaned. I organized one of the shelves in my closet. Made breakfast and lunch. Basically, I did a bunch of same-old chores.

Finally at 3ish we went over to The FamBily House to see Phil and The Crazy Lady. They're Hoooome. They got great gifts for us - an adorable tee for Buzz, a gorgeous beret for me to wear in the winter, and a tiny mini-flask for Z. We hung out for a bit and heard some of the more exciting adventures that were had. Then we decided to go grocery shopping - and by 'we' I mean - all of us. It was like a FamBily outing, and it was fun. Buzz even got a new little garbage can - how exciting?
Back at Home we had some dinner then Buzz went to sleep. I forced Z to wash dishes, while I dealt with some digital-organization. Then we watched tv.

I may also have eaten a lot of cookies. And by 'may' I mean 'did'. But they were taaaasty!
Tomorrow Shabbos prep - for real. Z's friends are coming - so it's gotta be good...

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ninja Turtles?

I kicked off my morning with a breakfast of cold fries. Buzz wasn't in the mood for eggs so I skipped them today. Buzz was quite insistent that we needed to leave the house. The first thing he did when he saw me this morning was rush over to the front door and knock to indicate that I should open it for him.

Once we were all dressed and wearing shoes we went out to do some grocery shopping. I've got to do the second half tomorrow but it was a good start.
Back at home the boys had some 'franks and beans' for lunch. Then Z packed up his bag and left for his first day of school. Surprisingly Buzz didn't tantrum for too long. His eyes lit up when I took out some crayons, stickers, and his pad of paper. We 'crafted' for about 40 minutes then Buzz remembered that I'd promised to take him to the park.

We collected shoes, water bottles, tissues, and a fuzzy buddie - then we walked over to the playground. It was deserted - which is actually my favorite way for it to be - because then there's no competition for the slides. I chased the kiddo around for 20 minutes, then he chased me for 10. He rode the slides a whole bunch of times. Suddenly he decided that it would be awesome fun to run on the grass, so I grabbed the bag of stuff and we ran uphill. We paused for a water break at the middle level of the park. Just then a dog and his owner got to the park. The dog was on a leash, but I could tell that the owner wanted to let the dog run free. The dog seemed well-trained and obeyed commands. Buzz hopped off the wall we were sitting on, took a few steps in the dog's direction, then stopped with his arm extended and a commanding look on his face as if to say, 'be my friend.' The owner looked at me as if to ask whether we were ok with the dog and I indicated that we didn't mind, so he unleashed the hound. The dog did a victory lap around the park before bounding over to Buzz and giving him a zillion slobbery doggy kisses - the owner ran over as quickly as possible worried that the kid would scream or that his dog was being a nuisance - but both boy and pup were smiling enormous ear to ear grins. It was pretty adorable. Buzz didn't want to leave the park until his new pal had to go too. So we walked up and down the snake path a dozen and a half times until Buzz was so tired he couldn't stand anymore. Then I picked him up and carried him home.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner of tomato alphabet soup. Buz played with my kitchen stuff for a while. Then it was pj time, followed by Buzz-mandated tooth-brushing time.
At 6:50 he climbed into my lap at the dining room table where I was sitting. At 7 I moved us to the couch in his room. By 7:15 he was fast asleep so I moved him to bed. Now it's 9:20 and he hasn't made a peep. Z's class theoretically ended 20 minutes ago but who knows when he'll be home.

In even more exciting news - Phil and The Crazy Lady return to The Holy Land in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday. I am SO excited! After a week of wifi-lessness, Phil returned to the Blogosphere with a quick update - you can check that out here:

There's been a dry-spell on the porch-front as our neighbors may have caught on to the fact that I was (more than slightly) mocking their dropped possessions on the world-wide-web. As a result nothing more exciting or substantial than cigarette ash has been found on our porch in the last few days. I guess that's a good thing?
Tomorrow there's tons to do but I guess we'll see what I manage to get done. I'm not even sure which room to start in. Decisions - decisions...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spalding Swag

Friday was great! All I did was bake challah and lemon crinkle cookies. Then I packed up clothes for Shabbos and we drove to Petach Tikva for a 'last minute' (crash) weekend at The Freddies!
It was the first Shabbos they were spending in their new Home and it was amazing! Yo'Abba and Dibble were there too. It was an amazingly fun filled night and day. The food was amazing and I'm still stuffed from it! That Freddie sure knows how to cook! Lil' Miss was a riot - she knows all the noises that the animals on Old McDonald's farm make, and she says 'au revoir' in THE most adorable way. She also takes great care of Buzz, feeding him and petting his fluffy fluffy hair when he is sad.
We drove back to The Sun House pretty soon after Shabbos so that we could get Buzz into bed. Thankfully the transfer went smoothly and we had a very enjoyable night. (I fell asleep in the middle of the movie that we were watching, and slept for hours! It was great!)
This morning was quiet and uneventful. I watched a lot of tv and played with Buzz a lot too. Three meals later and it's bedtime again. I made almond-flour-crusted shnitzel for dinner along with popcorn cauliflower - Z loves that kind of cauliflower! Then I baked up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Warm and melty from the oven - that's the best way to enjoy them. This is why I love having cookie dough in the freezer.
At 3:30ish we piled into the car and set off to find a park to play at. First we swung by and recycled a huge bag of plastic bottles. Then we decided to try out the 'park at the top of the hill' - well, the top of the hill from The FamBily House anyway. Buzz had a blast! We watched some boxers spar and even made some new friends. All in all quite a productive outing.
Tomorrow is Z's first day of class for the semester. I am NOT looking forward to it, as I'll be stuck with Buzz for the entire afternoon AND bedtime. (*gulp*) I am SO not ready for this. Come Home Phil and Crazy Lady! I'm not sure I can wait until Wednesday!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Eagleton Shmeagleton

Today started off at Tipat Chalav. We finally got ourselves put into the local system. Buzz got weighed and measured - he's still waaaaay up in the 80th percentile for height. Meaning that he is one tall kid. He got his 18 month shot, and took it like a man.

Our next stop was the grocery store. We went in to buy only a few things and walked out with a whole lot of groceries. I'm still not sure how that happened.

Buzz fell asleep on the way home. He was super tired because I carried him inside and got him into bed, still asleep. He napped for a good long while.

Z swept the floor and washed a few dishes. I did a couple of loads of laundry and cleaned out the shower drain. So at least some of the house got cleaned.

At 5ish we went out to the park and we played until a little after 6. Back at home I made some dinner and between the three of us we polished it all off.

Our box of 18 eggs had a Humpty-Dumpty incident and fell on its head. 6 eggs got hairline cracks in them which meant that they needed to be used, immediately. I mixed up a double batch of chocolate chip cookie dough with 4 of them. The other two are waiting for the morning. They'll either become challah or black&white cookies. Depending on my mood.

I hadn't cooked anything for Shabbos and was getting kind of worried about what I would serve for the meals. Then Freddie invited us to her house for the weekend! Ok, well, I sort of self-invited us, mostly jokingly, and then she said it would be fun. I try not to turn down fun nowadays, so I said ok. Now that's the plan and cooking doesn't need to happen. Yay!

I'm going to make challah to take with us and cookies too.

I'm so excited to spend a shabbos at The Freddies new house!!

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sam's Stone

Yesterday was pretty boring. Well, all the excitement was over by 7am (when Buzz - unbeknownst to me - dialed both Phil and The Crazy Lady - in Ireland at 5am their time. Yes, he made not one but TWO phone calls. Tiny techno-geek.) I spent the day lounging around and watching tv. Seems like another life when I used to do that every single day. Truthfully by the early afternoon I was so bored I could have cried just to have something to do. Instead I watched more tv.
Today was the complete opposite of yesterday and it was amazing. 

We had an early wake-up. Z was supposed to run a house-project related errand - to get some info for the architect who is helping to put together the building-permit-request. Somehow Buzz and I ended up going with him. We drove out to the office on a little yishuv just past Kiryat Malachi. There we took a 15 minute scenic walk trying to find the offices new offices. After our very successful meeting we decided to pop over to the site of our future Home.
We hadn't been to the new town for about a year. Last time construction on the preschool down the block was underway and almost everything was just dirt. This time, new blocks of houses are close to completion, the preschool is up and running, and the shul is partially standing (it is beautiful), there are sidewalks - with driveway dips, and streetlights, along with designated areas for trees to be planted. The migrash was as weed-y and dirt-y as ever - but it wasn't too hard to imagine how it will look (hopefully in less than 21 months!) We also visited the local playground - because we're very interested in those of late. The one on the yishuv is amazing, ramps lead to the lower level slides, and there are tons of taller slides too - and a netting shades the whole thing so that the sun doesn't beat down on it!
Back in The Sun House we stopped off at the mall for some lunch and playtime at the kid-area. Buzz had a blast, as usual. We also got him a zip-up (just like Z's) for the cooler weather. He tried it on and refused to take it off.

Eventually we went home hoping to relax but Buzz was still wired. I kneaded up a batch of onion-roll dough then we shlepped him out to the park while it rose. It was so nice to sit in the park and wave 'hi' to people I've met from the neighborhood. It's good to feel like you belong to a community. We ran the kiddo around in circles for about 40 minutes then headed for home just as he started to get kvetchy.
Dinner, bath, bed.

The onion rolls smelled delicious.

Good news from a friend, and even got to talk to Phil (who was sitting in a pub in Doolin -

All in all, a very good day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be productive!