Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ambassador's Daughters

Sooo Thursday... What did I actually get done? To be honest, it doesn't feel like much. We did go to the park on Reuven, and Buzz got pizza at chalav u'dvash because he was soooo hungry. I also scared the bajeebies out of Yo'Abba and The Crazy Lady when I showed up unannounced to 'borrow' the mini-donut pans. (Juuuust as they were putting their feet up to celebrate a kid-free day. Hehehe...) We toiveled my new crinkle-cutter and Z's snazzy new tiny Irish 1-shot flask. I did do a bit of cooking and even did some laundry. I also may or may not have baked a tray of 5 chocolate chip cookies, intending to share with Z when he got out of putting Buzz to sleep, and subsequently eaten them all. Then in an effort to look less gluttonous I baked another 5 cookies. When Z came into the kitchen I was straightening up and he commented on the fact that I had waited for him to enjoy dessert. I cracked and started laughing hysterically and told him what had happened. Then begged him not to make me eat any more.
Friday morning was sort of insane. I woke up and realized that even though I'd made the eggplant parmesan already that all the 'little things' I'd left would add up to a few hours worth of work! So I got right down to it. Before I knew it the quiches were done, the donuts were baked, the house was clean - and there were still TWO whole hours before candle lighting time! I was impressed. I took a long hot shower nice and early. Then I still even had time to clean the stovetop. It was great!
Shabbat was a lot of fun. We were joined by Z's friends from school, and it made for a highly entertaining weekend. I decided to go very simple with the salads for lunch which left me free this morning after setting a gorgeous table with the beautiful dairy china, complete with champagne flutes for mimosas! So at 9am Buzz and I ventured out to the park. The air was cool and crisp - we wore sweatshirts - it was delightful! Then 15 minutes later I took off our outer layers as the sun had come out and The Sun House was sweltering. Lunch was great. Then some Settlers and some desserts. More time at the park. Havdala after Phil showed up and Buzz gave us a great show - well, more of a comedy act. Then it was all 'which bus and which bus stop'?! Finally it was just Me, Z, and Phil left.
Just for my records - Shabbos Menu:
Friday night: roasted garlic, chumus, matbucha, assorted olives, chopped liver, chicken soup with matzah balls & kreplach, stovetop roasted chicken (white wine, lemon juice, oregano, s&p, garlic), green beans, white rice

Shabbat lunch: roasted garlic & cherry tomatoes, assorted olives and pickles, chumus, matbucha, tossed salad (salty & sweet), oriental rice salad, eggplant parmesan (Annie's recipe), tomato onion quiche, FF broccoli quiche (mozzarella & Bulgarian cheese)

Desserts: pecan pie cookies, mini pumpkin spice donuts, mini chocolate donuts, chocolate chip cookies
I'm not sure what the plan is for tomorrow. Maybe I'll organize some more. Everything seems like a messy disaster here but finding the 'beginning' to start cleaning is proving to be quite a difficult task.

For now I'm going to enjoy some Phil time! Have a great week!

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