Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cat Helmet

Yesterday morning I went to a secondhand kids clothing sale in RBS. I got a few cute things for Buzz and some for his cousin too. Then I joined Z and Buzz playing at the ENORMOUS new-looking park in that neighborhood. I guess I found out where our tax shekels have been going.
I cooked up a full batch of split pea soup and a batch of minestrone soup to stock the freezer. I got 15 servings, well 16, but Z and Buzz had some for dinner too.

We took a very quick trip to the park. Buzz wanted to go and once we got there he just wanted to go home. We took the long way home, and Buzz conked out nice and early.
This morning was somewhat productive. I cleared off the guest room bed and straightened up the place. Then I got to work on the laundry. There were 3 loads waiting to be folded, so I dealt with them. Then I started washing the other loads that needed to be cleaned. I organized one of the shelves in my closet. Made breakfast and lunch. Basically, I did a bunch of same-old chores.

Finally at 3ish we went over to The FamBily House to see Phil and The Crazy Lady. They're Hoooome. They got great gifts for us - an adorable tee for Buzz, a gorgeous beret for me to wear in the winter, and a tiny mini-flask for Z. We hung out for a bit and heard some of the more exciting adventures that were had. Then we decided to go grocery shopping - and by 'we' I mean - all of us. It was like a FamBily outing, and it was fun. Buzz even got a new little garbage can - how exciting?
Back at Home we had some dinner then Buzz went to sleep. I forced Z to wash dishes, while I dealt with some digital-organization. Then we watched tv.

I may also have eaten a lot of cookies. And by 'may' I mean 'did'. But they were taaaasty!
Tomorrow Shabbos prep - for real. Z's friends are coming - so it's gotta be good...

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