Saturday, October 05, 2013

Foonch Tea and Kerosene

Friday morning - hmmm, seems so long ago...

I woke up pretty early and set to cooking. Challah dough was my first project, and when it was ready Buzz helped me shape it. We even made a tiny loaf for him. I cooked and cooked and cooked. I'm not even sure what I cooked. All I know is that we ate it, and it was delicious.

Dibble ended up going to a friend for Shabbos, so just Yo'Abba and Frank joined us. Friday night was delightful. I roasted a whole chicken on a bed of root vegetables and it came out delectably. I served it with peas and rice - I even made brown rice for Yo'Abba. Speaking of which - there's a bunch left over so I'll have to drop it off at The FamBily House so that he'll have it to enjoy this week.

Lunch today was light and delightful. None of our wine glasses broke *phew* and we used the gorgeous dairy china. (It makes my table look so pretty! I love it!) Lunch didn't take too long and we were so full that nobody even had room for dessert! Crazy, huh?! Then we hung out until 5ish, when Buzz woke up from his nap and Yo'Abba had to go Home to walk Roscoe the Wild. We walked Yo'Abba to the park and he got to watch Buzz ride-the-slides then he walked up the snake path and back to the other side of town. We stayed at the park until after mincha, and when Z came back we went Home to find the Buzzmonster some dinner.

Did I mention that today Buzz ate three things that he's never wanted to eat before - sugar snap peas, chickpeas (slightly smushed, no choking hazard, relax...), and craisins! The little weirdo. Most days he turns his nose up at a lot of foods but today he wanted to eat EVERYTHING. It was great!

Shabbos really seemed to fly by. I'm still wondering where it went.

In other news - the weather (yeah, I'm going there...) has been crazy! Yesterday was comfortable and today, out of nowhere, it was practically chilly! So weird! I wonder if this is the cold-snap-transition. The Holy Land doesn't do subtle seasonal changes. One day it's cold, and ta-da it's winter! Time to find my sweatpants, zip-ups, and warm socks!

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