Sunday, October 06, 2013

Laughing Toaster

At 7:30 this morning Z tried to sneak Buzz out of the bedroom very quietly so as not to disturb me. I told him that if he'd kindly put fries into the oven then I would see to it that scrambled eggs were ready by the time the fries were ready. He declined the offer on the grounds that it was only 6:30am, turns out his phone changed an hour back this morning for some reason. It was a confusing wake-up for all parties involved.
Nevertheless I did get up and make fries and eggs for breakfast. I sat at the tiny table with Buzz and he ate all of the food on my plate followed by most of the food from his own plate. Good thing I wasn't very hungry...?

Then we played for a bit before heading out to the park for an hour. It was just me and Buzz. The park was deserted as it can only be on a Sunday morning when school is in session. Buzz was thrilled though because he got free reign of the slides and and the tunnel. It's ridiculous that the only way to access any of the slides is by climbing a ladder with rungs spaced quite far apart. Buzz is a tall kid, but there is no way that he can make that step yet. I must have lifted him somewhere in the vicinity of thirty times. We also walked all the way up the snake path to play on the swings at the top of the park. Or rather, to play WITH the swings. Buzz didn't want to swing on them, he wanted to investigate them and study them to figure out how and why they work the way that they do. (Sound like anybody he's related to...?)
Back at Home I fed him some lunch. Then he conked out for a 2.5 hour nap. When he woke up we colored, and watched the downstairs neighbor work in his garden, then we ran around like crazy people for a bit. We also watered the plants - with and without water, then we pumped more air into the yoga ball, and built a huge castle out of megablocks. I made some dinner for Buzz but he ended up liking what I'd made for myself better - so that's what he ate. (You'd think I'd know by now...)

It was quite a busy day to say the least. We didn't get much accomplished, but we had fun doing the stuff that we did. That's all anybody can ask for, right?
No idea what we should do tomorrow. Maybe we'll go back to the play area at the mall, or maybe we'll go visit The FamBily House, to help Yo'abba put away the mountains of dishes that are sitting out on the counter. Who knows.

What I do know is that I just took out Buzz's clothes for the winter and they are super adorable! I'll definitely have to find some time to sort through his dresser sometime this week.

It's too funny when he wear pants that hover around his ankle and we can't snap his onesies because they're too small. Yeah, I'll leave you with that image.


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*Miriam* said...

I love reading about all the stuff you do with Buzz. It's really inspiring to read how you do so much WITH him, how much time you spend together, which is probably something not all mothers have patience for. The three of you seem like a bundle of fun and love, and I just really enjoy reading about it (I hope you don't mind me reading your blog). -Miriam.

Lori Polly Nemoy said...

I'm so glad that you enjoy reading about our adventures! :-)

I feel extremely grateful that we're able to spend so much time together as a family. And I learned all the tricks I know from my mom, so I have her to thank for that.

I never want to lose my sense of wonder and excitement - the one that kids have because they're experiencing the world for the very first time. That goal it makes it easy to climb the jungle gyms and finger paint with Buzz - even if the paint choice of the day is ketchup.