Sunday, October 20, 2013

Matriarch: A ruler of a house

I woke up suuuuper groggy this morning. It might have had something to do with the impromptu party we had last night. Candied nuts, leftover desserts from shabbos, and of course we finished the wine from the weekend too. On second though it could have been backlash from staying up shmoozing until after 1am on Friday night and then an early wake-up Saturday. The world may never know.

Z made some eggs for Buzz. I ate more tiny donuts, then an enormous iced coffee. Then it was noon and Z was washing dishes so I snuggled with Buzz on the couch, and he promptly fell asleep. I moved him to his bed and he slept for an hour before wandering out to find us in the living room. He was kvetchy. I decided his nap hadn't been long enough. A few more minutes of cuddling on the couch and he was out again. I put him down on the rug and he slept for another two hours!

After some lunch we all got dressed so that we could go out and get some fresh air. We went out to 'The Park at the Top of the Hill' and played for about an hour. Buzz had a blast. I went down the slides with him and ran up the ramps too. He impressed me by climbing one of the ladders all by himself! (Progress! We've been working on it for the last week or so...) Today his favorite activity was the little round&round thing. He climbed on, took a seat, and proceeded to spin himself silly. Really though, I didn't help him at all. He even ate his snack while turning in lazy circles. (I was nauseous for him - he seemed fine though.)

After the park we were all dressed with nowhere to go. So we decided to swing by The FamBily House. Yo'Abba and Frank had gone to deliver a bed to The Freddies', but The Crazy Lady was Home - so we stopped in to say hi. I'm not sure how 2 hours flew by - but both Z & Buzz had dinner and we all caught up on the events since last Wednesday. Fuzz got snacks and Frankie played catch-the-kid through the door. All in all a lot of fun.

We left for our side of town at 7ish because Buzz was crashing. A nice bath for the stinky kid, then we dressed him up in his choice of pjs.  The fuzzy fleece sleeper - with the dinosaur on it! I guess it was a good thing that the pjs we got him last year were too big. They're bordering on small now, since they're 12-18month, but they'll last for a bit longer. His new 18-24month pjs should be arriving with Ayala on Friday! It's SO exciting! This years collection is suuuuper geeky. I love it!

I suppose I should go write a shopping list. I'm hoping not to buy too much this week - but I'm realizing that we're running out of random things like plastic baggies and plastic forks. I guess I'm only noticing now because Z needs to pack lunch/dinner to take to school and we don't have 'packaging' materials. It's alright, we'll get it sorted out eventually.

I really need to figure out how to organize Buzz's clothes. Now that he's bigger his clothes are larger, so they take up more space. He likes to use his dresser as a storage space for his toys rather than clothes - which I guess isn't bad seeing as if they're not in drawers then they're in an old partly eaten cardboard box. So I need to engineer a storage solution - it's quite a puzzle.

Alright - enough rambling. I'm off. Tata for now!

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