Monday, October 14, 2013

Ninja Turtles?

I kicked off my morning with a breakfast of cold fries. Buzz wasn't in the mood for eggs so I skipped them today. Buzz was quite insistent that we needed to leave the house. The first thing he did when he saw me this morning was rush over to the front door and knock to indicate that I should open it for him.

Once we were all dressed and wearing shoes we went out to do some grocery shopping. I've got to do the second half tomorrow but it was a good start.
Back at home the boys had some 'franks and beans' for lunch. Then Z packed up his bag and left for his first day of school. Surprisingly Buzz didn't tantrum for too long. His eyes lit up when I took out some crayons, stickers, and his pad of paper. We 'crafted' for about 40 minutes then Buzz remembered that I'd promised to take him to the park.

We collected shoes, water bottles, tissues, and a fuzzy buddie - then we walked over to the playground. It was deserted - which is actually my favorite way for it to be - because then there's no competition for the slides. I chased the kiddo around for 20 minutes, then he chased me for 10. He rode the slides a whole bunch of times. Suddenly he decided that it would be awesome fun to run on the grass, so I grabbed the bag of stuff and we ran uphill. We paused for a water break at the middle level of the park. Just then a dog and his owner got to the park. The dog was on a leash, but I could tell that the owner wanted to let the dog run free. The dog seemed well-trained and obeyed commands. Buzz hopped off the wall we were sitting on, took a few steps in the dog's direction, then stopped with his arm extended and a commanding look on his face as if to say, 'be my friend.' The owner looked at me as if to ask whether we were ok with the dog and I indicated that we didn't mind, so he unleashed the hound. The dog did a victory lap around the park before bounding over to Buzz and giving him a zillion slobbery doggy kisses - the owner ran over as quickly as possible worried that the kid would scream or that his dog was being a nuisance - but both boy and pup were smiling enormous ear to ear grins. It was pretty adorable. Buzz didn't want to leave the park until his new pal had to go too. So we walked up and down the snake path a dozen and a half times until Buzz was so tired he couldn't stand anymore. Then I picked him up and carried him home.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner of tomato alphabet soup. Buz played with my kitchen stuff for a while. Then it was pj time, followed by Buzz-mandated tooth-brushing time.
At 6:50 he climbed into my lap at the dining room table where I was sitting. At 7 I moved us to the couch in his room. By 7:15 he was fast asleep so I moved him to bed. Now it's 9:20 and he hasn't made a peep. Z's class theoretically ended 20 minutes ago but who knows when he'll be home.

In even more exciting news - Phil and The Crazy Lady return to The Holy Land in the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday. I am SO excited! After a week of wifi-lessness, Phil returned to the Blogosphere with a quick update - you can check that out here:

There's been a dry-spell on the porch-front as our neighbors may have caught on to the fact that I was (more than slightly) mocking their dropped possessions on the world-wide-web. As a result nothing more exciting or substantial than cigarette ash has been found on our porch in the last few days. I guess that's a good thing?
Tomorrow there's tons to do but I guess we'll see what I manage to get done. I'm not even sure which room to start in. Decisions - decisions...

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