Sunday, October 27, 2013


On Thursday night I ran an update on my iPad and for some reason the process crashed. End result - full factory restore of my device. Consequences - lost all the data I had stored on my iPad. Truth be told - I'm pretty good about backing up all of it up and had done so two night prior to the failed update - so this just gave me a good excuse to start with a clean slate. It did make me grumpy though. Not gonna lie.

Friday morning was kind of ridiculous. I got completely enthralled with this awesome website and ended up wasting hours on it shopping. The good news is that I ordered a new pair of shabbos slacks and a pair of jeans for Z (good news because the pairs he has now have had holes in them for the last few months - possibly year - but he couldn't find ones he liked anywhere in this country.) I also got some fun stuff for Buzz - winter hat and a pair of chinos just because they were adorable and a great price. I only started cooking for Shabbos at about 2:30pm, but since we ate out for lunch there wasn't much to do.

Ayala was with us for the weekend and we had a blast. She brought Buzz's pjs that we'd ordered to her house in Canada. They're adorable and he's worn two of the pairs already! He loves them and keeps wanting to snuggle with them. All in all quite hysterical.

Shabbos day was fun. We went over to The FamBily House after shul. The Freddies were there too. Buzz and Little Miss had a blast playing together (as usual). Lunch was delicious, dessert was pretty darn good too. Then we lazed around, relaxing. We had some awesome visitors who braved the kitties and all.

Eventually we all walked to the park at the top of the hill where the little people ran amok. Amok! Woohoo! We played until the hour was late, and a the air was cool with late afternoon chill. Then we split up and made our ways back to our homes.

This morning was a little confusing due to the time-change. Buzz got up at 'regular' time so today when I say it was an 'early' wake-up - I'm pretty justified.

Z had homework to do so Buzz and I went out on an adventure. First we stopped at the toy store, and we bought Buzz a brand new toy. One of those awesome things with the beads and the wires. He was enthralled. I was thrilled because it's great for hand-eye coordination and mostly because it doesn't make noise! Woohoo!

After dropping the toy off in the car I decided to walk to the other stores down the road. I put Buzz on my back and set off. At the first store the proprietor was very impressed with my 'mad babywearin' skillz'. They were also amused at how relaxed and happy Buzz was. Meanwhile Buzz kept randomly giggling with his head resting on my back. It was pretty entertaining.

On the way home Buzz fell asleep cuddling Shpunky-Monkey and with an animal cracker hanging out of his mouth. In his defense - it was time for his nap.

This afternoon I guess we'll go out to the park. Maybe Z will even come with us.

Personally I'm excited that Buzz should be going to sleep between 7-8pm instead of 8-9pm. A whole extra hour at night! It doesn't seem like much - but to me it definitely is.
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