Tuesday, October 01, 2013


We woke up this morning all full of energy and purpose. Then everybody that we needed to call was unavailable. Of course it was nothing in comparison to the frenzy that Phil the The Crazy Lady were experiencing at the airport (read about that HERE!)
We eventually managed to get through to the water company who told us that if we needed something that we could come to their offices at 1pm and wait on line. They also told us that they were located at Kenyon Neimi. So we shlepped out there only to find that their offices are actually at BIG. (Yeah, other side of town...) Once we were at BIG we found the offices and were informed that our building doesn't exist (according to their system) and therefore we can't pay what we owe or change the bill to our name. Not to worry though - in about two months they'll have everything organized and they'll send us a 4-month-bill then.
Buzz was very grumpy after the whole water company debacle. We decided that he was hungry and walked over to the 'new' BIG Fashion mall across the street. We let the kiddo eat an expensive slice of store-bought pizza (there's his dairy allowance for the next few days) and then we 'walked' him around the mall. We found this little kiddie area and Buzz just couldn't pass up the opportunity to play with other kids. It was in the spirit of our 'tire out the kid' mission. So we took off his shoes and set him free.
He had an absolute blast! For all those people who tell me that I'm a horrible mother for keeping my 18 month old home with me for another year - kindly shut up. This kid is perfectly well-adjusted, super smart (except when he does dumb things...), and plays just fine with other kids. He's not a creepy little loner or anything, he just likes to take a few minutes to get his bearings before he head-dives (quite literally) into things.

He played for over an hour. Then all of a sudden he hopped the barrier, and ran down the length of the mall. We figured that meant that he was done. So we packed him up into the car and took him Home. He watered the plants, ran around a little more, had a tiny dance party, and ate dinner, then he conked out at 7:30.

I'm not gonna lie - I'm very impressed. Can't wait to turn the clocks back, then he'll be going to bed at 6:30?! NO WAY! I haven't enjoyed a 6:30pm in ages!!! Z & I can even enjoy a normal dinner at a normal hour without a tiny beggar asking for our food! Well, maybe not - Z starts school in 2 weeks. This is going to be interesting...
Tomorrow maybe I'll clean the house. (Have you heard that one before...?)

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