Thursday, October 24, 2013


Yesterday was interesting. We dropped Buzz off at The FamBily House and went out to run some errands. When we picked him up we foraged for some brunch - yummm potatoes! We went Home so that the kiddo could nap. When he woke up we fed him lunch, and he fed Barney some lunch.
We weren't getting anything else done around the house so we decided to head out. First stop was the post office - I had ordered a liter of maple syrup from iherb - and it finally arrived. I can't wait to make pancakes and waffles. Then we went back to The FamBily House shlepping our drill with us. We needed the drill to help hang up hooks in some bedrooms. We ended up enjoying dinner with the famBily - mmm, spaghetti and meatballs.
This morning Z left for school at 7:15. (He avoided the 6am bus by getting a ride with a fellow student who lives a neighborhood over.) Z leaving at such an early hour meant that it was just me and Buzz - alone, together, for a long long time... Thankfully it went really well. We baked two different types of muffins, did some arts-n-crafts, read some books, pretended to make some soup, actually made some soup, and ran around in circles. Buzz napped on the late side so I woke him up after only a little more than an hour. He was grumpy after the early wake-up (I couldn't really blame him) so after some lunch, and some more playing, and snacktime we went out to the park.
Z got home as we were heading up to the swings. Buzz was swinging happily when he heard Z's voice coming down the path - he turned around and waved with THE most adorably excited smile on his face! After the park we went home and I baked up a loaf of herbed cheese stuffed bread. It turned out amazingly - look at that swirl. (Not great pictures but that's what you get for having starving boys salivating behind your ipad screen.) We also met with my new hero - the person who is getting the house project off the ground - it's moving along and it's thanks to her!
Tomorrow is Friday again - I don't understand how it's possible seeing as it was just Sunday yesterday - right?! On the bright side - Ayala is coming for the weekend and we're going to The FamBily House for lunch because The Freddies will be in town. It should be fun! I'm hoping to get everything done early - like last week. Yes, that's my hope.

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