Monday, October 28, 2013

Roo, Jim, Tom, Lou?

We kicked off the morning with eggs & fries. Then Buzz got stuck in a box (it pretty much went like this: ) We went out to the grocery store to buy craisins and carrots. On our way to the car Buzz made a break for it and took off in the direction of the park. When we returned he tried valiantly again - but was unsuccessful in his efforts.
After naptime we did some more arts-n-crafts. Yesterday we bought a thick pack of smiley-face stickers for less than 3 shekels - today we put a sheet of them to good use. Z left for school (I packed a suuuper nice fresh dinner of pasta with meat-sauce to take with him.) We went to the park for a while, then Phil arrived just before bath-time commenced.
Dinner was deeeelicious (and numerous courses long for certain parties). Buzz eventually went to sleep which left the grown-ups free to watch some Gilmore Girls and eat way too many desserts. At some point Z came home and when our episode was over he was kind enough to take Phil Home.
Tomorrow we wash some laundry and straighten up the house a bit.

Then we visit S&S, which we're super excited about!

Rumor has it we might see Phil and The Crazy Lady too.

Should be a good one.

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