Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sam's Stone

Yesterday was pretty boring. Well, all the excitement was over by 7am (when Buzz - unbeknownst to me - dialed both Phil and The Crazy Lady - in Ireland at 5am their time. Yes, he made not one but TWO phone calls. Tiny techno-geek.) I spent the day lounging around and watching tv. Seems like another life when I used to do that every single day. Truthfully by the early afternoon I was so bored I could have cried just to have something to do. Instead I watched more tv.
Today was the complete opposite of yesterday and it was amazing. 

We had an early wake-up. Z was supposed to run a house-project related errand - to get some info for the architect who is helping to put together the building-permit-request. Somehow Buzz and I ended up going with him. We drove out to the office on a little yishuv just past Kiryat Malachi. There we took a 15 minute scenic walk trying to find the offices new offices. After our very successful meeting we decided to pop over to the site of our future Home.
We hadn't been to the new town for about a year. Last time construction on the preschool down the block was underway and almost everything was just dirt. This time, new blocks of houses are close to completion, the preschool is up and running, and the shul is partially standing (it is beautiful), there are sidewalks - with driveway dips, and streetlights, along with designated areas for trees to be planted. The migrash was as weed-y and dirt-y as ever - but it wasn't too hard to imagine how it will look (hopefully in less than 21 months!) We also visited the local playground - because we're very interested in those of late. The one on the yishuv is amazing, ramps lead to the lower level slides, and there are tons of taller slides too - and a netting shades the whole thing so that the sun doesn't beat down on it!
Back in The Sun House we stopped off at the mall for some lunch and playtime at the kid-area. Buzz had a blast, as usual. We also got him a zip-up (just like Z's) for the cooler weather. He tried it on and refused to take it off.

Eventually we went home hoping to relax but Buzz was still wired. I kneaded up a batch of onion-roll dough then we shlepped him out to the park while it rose. It was so nice to sit in the park and wave 'hi' to people I've met from the neighborhood. It's good to feel like you belong to a community. We ran the kiddo around in circles for about 40 minutes then headed for home just as he started to get kvetchy.
Dinner, bath, bed.

The onion rolls smelled delicious.

Good news from a friend, and even got to talk to Phil (who was sitting in a pub in Doolin -

All in all, a very good day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be productive!

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