Tuesday, October 22, 2013

'Snakes. And Pasta.'

We frittered(?) away yesterday morning. Like, ALL of it. I did make breakfast for Buzz - and we ended up sharing the scrambled eggs. The morning flew by and I got absolutely nothing productive done. Yay for Monday mornings.
Z got Buzz to nap at his 'regular' time - so at 2pm he took the opportunity to sneak out while the kid was still sleeping. Buzz woke up at 2:30 on the dot so I fed him some lunch and then we got dressed. After some arts-n-crafts and chasing each other around the dining room table we shoe-d up and went out to the park.
 The park was a lot of fun. We spent almost two hours there. Buzz drank his bottle lounging on a park bench - looking very much like a well-dressed homeless wino. Then he ran around like a crazy person until deciding to take me home. Dinner, pjs, then tooth-brushing - followed by sleep. Quite straightforward and simple. I was impressed.
This morning we woke up early but lazed around for a bit. It was municipal election day but it's not a holiday or anything. We went out to the grocery store - because I finally got around to writing a shopping list last night. Buzz fell asleep on the way home so we ended up going back to the house for a couple of hours.
While we were there I reorganized both freezers - my fingers were freeezing but the stuff was neat. I was happy. Buzz woke up and I made some lunch for the boys. Chicken and couscous! Yum!
Then we finally went out to vote. We were assigned to vote in RBS-B. It was kind of surreal and we felt quite out of place wandering the streets looking for the place. We finally managed to find it - cast our votes - and got the heck outta there.
 Our next stop was the park at the top of the hill. Phil and Timmy met us there and we had a famBily party.
It was a lot of fun. Phil took command of the camera so today there are some pictures of me and I was free to play too! It was awesome! I don't know why more of the other parents don't go on the climbing structures too. Actually, I'm impressed at how many do - but a lot don't and I think they're missing out.
Buzz climbed up the ladder, spun around suuuper fast on the twirly-whirly, crawled through the tunnel, slid down the slides, swung on the swings, and bumped up and down on the seesaw. So busy!
After a lot of playing we decided to head to The FamBily House for some deeelicious dinner and fresh cookies! Great end to a long but satisfying day.
To see more pictures from our party at the park you can click on this link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/06er2u5w4xox6pz/mMXF2unCjH

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