Sunday, October 13, 2013

Spalding Swag

Friday was great! All I did was bake challah and lemon crinkle cookies. Then I packed up clothes for Shabbos and we drove to Petach Tikva for a 'last minute' (crash) weekend at The Freddies!
It was the first Shabbos they were spending in their new Home and it was amazing! Yo'Abba and Dibble were there too. It was an amazingly fun filled night and day. The food was amazing and I'm still stuffed from it! That Freddie sure knows how to cook! Lil' Miss was a riot - she knows all the noises that the animals on Old McDonald's farm make, and she says 'au revoir' in THE most adorable way. She also takes great care of Buzz, feeding him and petting his fluffy fluffy hair when he is sad.
We drove back to The Sun House pretty soon after Shabbos so that we could get Buzz into bed. Thankfully the transfer went smoothly and we had a very enjoyable night. (I fell asleep in the middle of the movie that we were watching, and slept for hours! It was great!)
This morning was quiet and uneventful. I watched a lot of tv and played with Buzz a lot too. Three meals later and it's bedtime again. I made almond-flour-crusted shnitzel for dinner along with popcorn cauliflower - Z loves that kind of cauliflower! Then I baked up a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Warm and melty from the oven - that's the best way to enjoy them. This is why I love having cookie dough in the freezer.
At 3:30ish we piled into the car and set off to find a park to play at. First we swung by and recycled a huge bag of plastic bottles. Then we decided to try out the 'park at the top of the hill' - well, the top of the hill from The FamBily House anyway. Buzz had a blast! We watched some boxers spar and even made some new friends. All in all quite a productive outing.
Tomorrow is Z's first day of class for the semester. I am NOT looking forward to it, as I'll be stuck with Buzz for the entire afternoon AND bedtime. (*gulp*) I am SO not ready for this. Come Home Phil and Crazy Lady! I'm not sure I can wait until Wednesday!

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