Monday, October 07, 2013

Tiny Dare Devil!

I'd start by saying 'another early morning' - but at this point I guess I should just be used to it, and it isn't really so early. Well, not until we change the clocks in a couple of weeks anyway.
Fries and eggs for breakfast as has become our custom of late. My favorite part is that when the timer rings, Buzz runs to find oven-mitts then stands in his spot in the kitchen with the best view of the oven and does his little dance while warning everybody that whatever is coming out is going to be 'hot hot hot'!
I organized Buzz's clothes drawers today. Well, I started doing it. You know, taking out the 12 month summer clothes and putting in the new 18-24 month fall and winter clothes. The strangest thing happened when I found Curious George stuffed into one of the dresser drawers. I asked Buzz why the poor monkey was sleeping in a drawer. He just shot me a look of confusion, reached into a different drawer and pulled out a water bottle. He then proceeded to offer George a drink before returning the water bottle to its spot and shoving George back into the drawer that he came out of. Poor George. I rescued him and he spent the rest of the morning being fed legos and biscotti.
Oh yes, the biscotti. Well you see - I had defrosted 3/4 cup of pumpkin puree in order to make donuts for Shabbos. Then I never got around to making the donuts. I didn't want the pumpkin to go bad, so I decided to try a Pumpkin Spice Biscotti recipe that I'd been meaning to make for a few weeks now. I made an FF version and a white flour version. Both were given the messy-faced two-thumbs-up rating. So I guess that means we're in biscotti business for a while.
At around 2ish we decided that we should probably get out of the house for a bit. You know, cabin-fever starts to set-in when you're cooped up with your husband kid all day. So we went over to check on Yo'Abba at The FamBily House. Besides for the freely flying fur things looked good. Roscoe was happy to see his little-buddy. I cleared out the remainder of the vegetable drawer in the fridge - and stole the scallions, chives, and celery - so I guess tomorrow I'll find something to do with them.

Our next stop was at the post office where we mailed a letter off to nowhere exciting. Then since we were parked and the weather was so nice we walked over to the park down the block. Our 'neighborhood' park only has slides on two-levels, this park has them on three! Buzz started off on the lowest slide, but it wasn't long before he was begging to go on the bigger ones! Luckily for him, Z was with us. Z carried him up the ladder to the middle-height slide, and eventually even up to the tallest slide! By the time we were ready to head Home the crazy kid had mastered them! He is a little thrill seeker and kept insisting in his wordless way, 'one more time!'
The first couple of times we rode with him but by the third time he was a pro. Sitting feet first, shrieking in delight, and coming out of the tube with THE biggest smile on his face! It was hysterical! He's gonna love roller-coasters, I can tell.

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