Thursday, October 03, 2013


I didn't really want to get up this morning. I was so tired. But the house was a flying disaster so I couldn't just hide in bed all day. I dragged myself to the kitchen to make breakfast. Fries and eggs, our usual favorite.
I finally worked up enough courage to tackle the mess called my kitchen. I put away all the dry dishes, cleared off the whole counter, scrubbed it down, washed the draining racks, washed the remaining dishes (ok, Z helped with the last 2), cleaned the stovetop along with the grates and burner covers, scrubbed out the sinks, then I applied another layer of elbow-grease and set-to cleaning out the ovens - both the insides, outsides, and trays. It was exhausting but when I was done everything sparkled.
I did some laundry and tried to straighten up the living room. I also managed to dig the dining room table out of under a mountain of randomness. And before I knew it the time had come to prep dinner. The dough shaped so nicely, then pre-rose beautifully in less time than expected. Yo'Abba and Dibble arrived just as I pulled the first pie from the oven.
We devoured two pies and some tossed salad. Then we relaxed and watched some funny youtube clips. Buzz got a bath then promptly conked out. All in all it turned out to be an exhausting and pretty productive day.
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