Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Tuesday morning got off to a slow start. We lazed around after a late brunch of potatoes. I did wash and fold a lot of laundry - though to be honest there was more to fold than to wash. (This whole 'fill ALL the laundry baskets with clean clothes' thing sort of backfires at a certain point. Namely, when one runs out of laundry baskets.)
 Buzz took an early very short nap which threw us for a loop. We got to go to S&S's a little earlier than expected. Z helped out with a few things while Buzz got comfortable playing with all the toys. The Crazy Lady and Phil joined the fun too. We sorted through a few bins and found all sorts of exciting stuff.
Buzz acquired a number of new fuzzy buddies. Pablo (pictured above, as the bottom of the 'sleep pile') and Stripes the Lyon (an exotic looking distant cousin of Fringe) have achieved 'bed status' in record time. Stripes was super busy today - driving the bimba, at the park, running amok - good thing he's completely machine washable, he'll need it sooner (as opposed to later).
This morning we had a 'fancy' breakfast - I cooked up a batch of waffles - which we haven't had for a few months. Buzz was thrilled - even though I was sneaky and made him eat scrambled eggs while I made the waffles so that they could be 'dessert'.
Buzz then proceeded to color with his fancy new crayons that he got from S&S yesterday. He was so excited to have a whole box all of his very own. He even found a nice plastic container to store them in so that they didn't roll off the table.
I washed all of the dishes and tried to straighten up the disaster area which is my kitchen. I didn't get very far on account of laziness. After all - today is Wednesday which means that tomorrow I'll start cooking for Shabbos so the kitchen will get messy anyway... Hopefully I can get all of the cooking done nice and early so that all there is to do on Friday is wipe everything down. That would be amazing - we'll see if it happens.
Buzz took his nap and it was a nice long one too. When he woke up I made lunch for everybody - yay for minestrone soup and pasta. Then we all found our shoes, packed up the bags and went out to The Park at the Top of the Hill.
Buzz enjoyed himself as usual. He showed Stripes all of the fun activities and even took him down the suuuuper tall twisty slide! Some hooligans broke one of the swings by being wild so after they left the park Buzz went over to investigate. He was quite irritated because he wasn't able to mend the swing - but he was intrigued enough to study it at great length.
After an hour at the park Buzz got bored but we could tell that he was still full of energy. So we swung by The FamBily House. It was very quiet inside (we had passed The Crazy Lady and Fuzz on their way to the vet). Yo'Abba came up to shmooze for a bit. Then just as I was getting bored all of the boys showed up complaining that they were hungry. Pita Pizza seemed the easiest thing to make but I insisted that we be more civilized and make 'real' food for dinner. So we kneaded up a batch and a half of 'quick-ish' pizza dough which eventually baked up 2 pizza pies and a tray of pizza buns. We served the pizza alongside a pot of Phil's minestrone soup. Voila - dinner.
Tomorrow Z has class in the morning. He arranged to get a ride with a friend from the next neighborhood (I like that they're sort of carpooling - the thought of all the driving alone makes my anxiety flare-up.) I've got to cook for Shabbos - Abe will be joining us - so I can't be super lazy and only serve desserts from the freezer - instead of meals...

Ok - time to relax before the fray of tomorrow.

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