Thursday, November 28, 2013

Two-Night Alright!

Happy Anniversary S&S!!! The picture above is a photo of the adorable mini-cake that I prepared for you in honor of your special day - somehow in the flurry of activity between the meal and dessert I completely forgot to serve it along with the tea. About five minutes after everyone had left I was flipping through the photos on my iPad and it popped up. I immediately called Phil and freaked out at her because I spent quite some time this afternoon frosting and decorating it - it ain't easy to get sprinkles to stick on the sides like that. Please let me know whether you'd like me to drop it off by you - otherwise I'll be feeding it to The FamBily as a special treat for shabbos. My sincerest apologies for cheating you out of your cake! I truly hope that the company, the meal, and the nickel tour, made up for it.
This morning my eyes popped open at 6:52am - which was just in time to wake Z by shouting "your ride to school is leaving in EIGHT MINUTES!" Well, that did the trick. He was up, dressed, and outta here in about 12 minutes flat. Buzz had decided to sleep in - which meant that Z running out the door confused him more than anything. He just ignored the craziness and went back to eating stale cheerios out of the couch cushions.
I cooked and baked and cleaned and ran around like a headless chicken - well - I slightly more productive than that - but there was A LOT to do and I was terrified that I wouldn't get it all done.
Somehow I managed. Mostly thanks to Phil and a bunch of thanks to Shosh. Phil came over and made a beautiful anniversary sign. She also played with the Buzz (or he played with her?) and kept him out of my way for a bit.
The bread smelled amazing as it baked this morning. Of course there was the slight snafu wherein the oven caused a power-outage in the apartment 6 mintues into the baking process - but we got the situation sorted out with minimal damage to the bread.
Table set, placecards filled and out, food hot, kitchen relatively clean - we were good to go. Guests arrived. Others were stuck in traffic. Eventually everyone was gathered so we lit candles then sat down to feast!
The kiddos were hysterical. They started off eating fake fruit in Buzz's little garden house. Then they graduated to feeding each other at the tiny table. Eventually all semblance of normalcy was casually thrown out the window and they ran amok throughout the apartment. They had short periods of time where they'd 'lock' themselves (by closing the door) in Buzz's room - you know - where all the toys are. But mostly they ran around having a carefree and extremely enjoyable sounding time.
The food was great, the dessert was greater, and the company was THE greatest! Love to all of my crazy FamBily!
If you want to see more photos of our wild and 'enlightening'(?) evening - please check out our album:

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gooey stars

I was in NO mood to get up this morning. Even though we caught the mouse last night and took him out of the house before I went to sleep. But Z put fries into the oven, set the timer ON the oven (the one that Buzz changes because he thinks it's his controller for cooking), and promptly fell asleep. Which meant that I had to get up in order to rescue breakfast from becoming an in edible charred mess. 
Since I was up anyway I got started on the cooking listed for today on my 'to do' list. Roasted veggies, sweet potato casserolettes, applesauce, 3 kinds of latkas (hopefully enough to get us through the holiday - ha, who am I kidding?!), some more dessert... By the time I was done the kitchen was a disaster area. We were supposed to go to The FamBily House for dinner but I was too crazy running around doing stuff. So I sent the boys alone. They enjoyed dinner immensely. Meanwhile at home I had time to get 2 loads of laundry done, wash all of the milchigs and pareve dishes, and clean the stovetop - all while listening to some relaxing jazz.
There's still a lot to do tomorrow - and my momanoia is kicking in - but I'm trying to keep it under control. I'm actually really excited about the dinner party. The placecards are finished and they look adorable. The food is almost all made - it's just the last minute stuff left. I've got to get the house in order because it's sort of a wreck at the moment (though chances are that since Z is leaving at 7am tomorrow the house will still be a disaster area at the appointed time - oh well - the challenges of having a kid.)
At the very least the food is pretty tasty (of course I've been taste-testing!) I love that almost everything is FF. I'm impressed that I managed to get everything so delicious considering I made most of the food FF, low-salt, and low-sugar.
In other funny news - today Buzz decided that the fourth word he would 'attempt to enunciate' would be 'potato' - not surprising seeing how he loves them so much. His attempts came out as spittle-filled, bubble-blowing, froth-causing hilarity and sounded something along the lines of 'potagagagaga'. When I broke it down into syllables POH-TAY-TOE he would point at his feet as I got to the last part of the word. I would just dissovle into laughter all over again 'yes Buzzy, those ARE your toes.'

One day he'll speak to us. I'm sure of it.

Wishing everybody a bright first night and a great first day!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

White Truffle

I got up and started being productive nice and early this morning. First some mini corn muffins.
As I sat to drink my iced coffee and cross things off of my 'to-do' list Buzz eyed me jealously. When a timer rang I ran to the kitchen to pull pie crusts from the oven. When I got back to the dining room I found Buzz precariously perched, on tiptoe, sucking up all of my coffee as quickly as he could. Here's some photo proof - see? I don't exaggerate!
Remember those pie crusts I mentioned before? They were oatmeal cookie crusts. They were the bases for pumpkin pies. See them? How adorable are they?! Single serve! I'm so excited for Thanksgiving dinner. Dessert is going to be amazing!
We went to the park at the top of the hill which was pretty disappointing. Somebody dragged an old couch to the playground then sliced it up and flung stuffing all over the place. There was also a lot of old gross food strewn around. Let's not forget the lewd and inappropriate graffiti. Deeeelightful. Not.

After the park we went over to The FamBily House. They invited us to stay for dinner. Z and The Crazy Lady picked up our adorable 7kg turkey - bring on Thanksgiving! Dinner was meat tacorittos. Buzz ran around with cooking utensils and was not happy to leave them behind. Thankfully he stopped his screaming once we were out of the house. The exhausted baby fell asleep after a prolonged bout of crying. We have been reminded once again of the importance of long morning naps.
In more umm, grossifying news - we have a second mouse in our apartment. That makes 2 mice in 2 months. I officially hate The Sun House. *shudders* The only thing I hate more is living in an apartment building. (Scared to sleep because my kid sleeps on a mattress on the floor and there's a mouse on the loose. Again. *shudders*)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Square Pie?!

Parenting. As a parent sometimes you find yourself saying or doing things that you never imagined a normal, sane, or rational person doing.

For example: hearing, "don't eat my sock, especially while I'm wearing it!" or "tissues are not breakfast." or "we don't put things up noses!" coming out of your mouth causes a wave of hysterical panic followed by extremely nervous laughter.

Or doing things like - say - hiding in the walk-in-closet with the door closed and the light off just to finish the last of the ice cream without having to share.

Yeah - makes me feel totally sane - NOT!

There are times that you wonder whether the dinner you just served your toddler could be considered a 'real' meal (I mean, hotdogs and soup-nuts...come one.) On the other hand - left to his own devices, he'd eat four-day-old baby peas that he found in the cushions of he couch (how there got there is beyond me.) So I guess it's really not as much of a parenting 'fail' as I thought when I started typing this paragraph. Also he had a good nutritious first two meals of the day, so that's gotta count for something.

I didn't do much today. Watched tv, polished all of the silver in the house (yay shiny menorah!), watched more tv, took pictures for ITSY ( ), played with Buzz, fed Buzz, snuggled with Buzz, went grocery shopping, stared at my menu and to-do lists for our upcoming Thanksgivukkah party, ate dinner, begged Z to let us go to the park for a 'mid'-evening frolic (it was 6pm, and he said 'no.')

Which brings us to now - the kid had a bath this afternoon, the house is as clean as it's getting until Thursday morning, even the kitchen is semi-organized (thanks to me staying on top of the 'dish washing' situation).

I've got to put up onion oil to cook overnight so that tomorrow I can make a batch of latkes. I'm going to pre-make then freeze and bake - that way we're stocked up for the whole 8-days! Yay Chanukah! I hope my present to me comes in the mail soon!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Early morning because Z left at 7. Buzz was fully charged and ready to roll - I just wanted to sleep. Buzz won. He dragged me off the couch and helped me make fries for breakfast.
Then we tried to be productive. We washed ALL of the dishes. Buzz 'washed' the floor. Then we watered the plants. Our next activity was pumpkindoodles - snickerdoodles with pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice in them.
The Crazy Lady and Phil stopped by a few minutes before we left to go to the park. They joined us on our trek. The Crazy Lady left after a little bit. But Phil stuck around and played with Buzz. Eventually Z arrived, fresh from carpool - Buzz was VERY happy to see his Abba.
Then we decided that it was time to consider what to eat for dinner. There wasn't much of anything in the house which made things complicated. We opted to pile into the car and head to SuperH - where we picked up some meat and chicken. Back at home we made home-fries, fried onions, sliders, and sautéed chicken breast. Everything turned out delicious.
We partied with the Buzz - who was very busy making his own special kind of soup. Then he got a bath and into fuzzy pjs. After some Cut-the-Rope, Fruit Ninja, and Blobs, Z took Buzz to his room to get him to sleep. I cooked up a batch of meatballs for shabbos then Phil and I watched another episode of Gilmore Girls.
Most of Shabbos is cooked. That's good news considering I didn't do too much today. Thankfully it's a quiet weekend here - so we don't need much. Tomorrow just a little more cooking, a quick floor cleaning, and maybe hanging out with some friends.

Should be fun!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Buzz came into my bed to snuggle at some hour that nobody should be awake at. He clambered in, took Toffee (by force, out of under my head), rolled himself up in most of my toasty blankets, held my hand, then fell asleep.
We had a nice morning. Buzz is loving his new 'house'. He parks his car outside, brings in his fuzzy buddies, then parties. He also checks the mail, quite frequently, and strangely there is almost always a letter waiting for him. Secondhand toys are great!

I went out to collect a returned letter from the post office. Since I was by SuperH, I ran in and picked up the couple of things that we needed.

Back at home I kneaded up a batch of half whole wheat challah dough. I made a full batch of dough and it gave me a great assortment of loaves. I made 16 rolls, 4 mini loaves, and 1 medium loaf. We'll be sending a bunch to S&S and the rest will keep us in covered for quite a while. Z and Buzz shared some (for taste-testing sake) and were pleased to announce that the bread came out soft and fluffy even though I used more whole wheat flour than I usually do.
Buzz and I went to the park for a little over an hour. He opted to sit on the bench with me and eat bamba for a large chunk of the time. After his snack he was all energized and just wanted me to help him walk UP the slide so that he could turn around and slide right back down again screaming 'Abbbbba' at the top of his lungs. It was hugely entertaining - to say the least.
When we got home, Z was still working on his homework. Since he had to cram the whole project into one day (it was only assigned on Monday, and he spent all of Tuesday in Jeru and working on the house project) so I took pity on him and helped out as much as I could. Which amounted to coloring in Tzfat. The hard part was staying in the lines - and yeah - that paper is the size of half of the dining room table.

Buzz took a really short nap today and woke up super early - so he conked out for the night (or so we hope) at 7pm (which is a crazy 2 hours earlier than he's been going to sleep lately! I'm not complaining or anything - I just hope he doesn't wake up earlier than 6 or spend hours awake in the middle of the night on account of the early bedtime.)
Z has morning class tomorrow. I'm trying to figure out what we'll be having for Shabbos. We have soup and challah in the freezer. But that's as far as I've managed to get. I need to clean the kitchen before I can make anything. I can tell that tomorrow is going to be exhausting. Thank goodness there's shabbos at the end of it all.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ezio the Vengeful

Early wakeup this morning. After some fries for breakfast we piled into the car and headed to RBS. We picked up an awesome toy for Buzz (photos forthcoming when he has time to play with it during daylight hours.) After our errand Z dropped us off at The FamBily House where we spent the rest of the day. Z had to go into Jeru to meet with his teacher about the house and he ended up spending all day there. So Buzz and I hung out doing not much of anything. Well, we watched Phil play a lot (A LOT) of Assassin's Creed 2 (yay xbox!) and I even took my first turn ever with a controller.

Eventually Frank and Dibble came Home. Then they got all excited at Phil's progress in the game. It was a sticky tricky part so we all took turns trying to reach the goal. It was tough tough tough but Frank made it.

Z showed up at a little after 4, just five minutes after Buzz conked out for his first and only nap of the day. I woke the poor kid up an hour later - he was not pleased, but I wanted him to go to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight.

We stuck around for dinner (split pea soup, vegetable stir-fry, and rice) which was delicious. Then Z took Buzzmonster home to get a bath and go to sleep. Meanwhile The Crazy Lady, Phil, and I, drove to RBS to check out a little second-hand bookstore that we've seen advertised for the last couple of years. The selection was somewhat small but we found a few things that looked promising. At least we've got enough new reading material for the next couple of weeks. (Gosh we read a goodly amount.)

Tomorrow we might see S&S. I'll also be baking challah to restock the freezer. I need to re-re-reorganize the freezer(s) to make room for the challah and the turkey which has officially been ordered for Thanksgiving. Yup, you read that right - this year for the first time in ages - we will be celebrating a family turkey-day on the correct date! It's going to be delicious and delightful. I've already got most of the menu figured out. It's going to be extra special because it's also the first night of chanuka. Speaking of which - I've got to figure out where our box of chanuka stuff got stored away. I hope it's in the guest room because I don't have koach to sort through the machsan.

Nightly night! Time to recharge!

Monday, November 18, 2013


Well the morning started off with a smashing situation. Literally. My 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup met it's end, splintered on the kitchen floor. After a thorough sweeping and washing of the floor I decided that it was time to do other stuff.
I cooked up a batch (actually a double batch) of homemade playdoh. I made it in anticipation of a rainy afternoon. I figured homemade was a good route to go because I could keep it pareve and then use my rolling pin and cookie cutters to play with it.
Buzz enjoyed the idea of using the rolling pin and cookie cutters - but he wasn't so thrilled with the whole concept of touching the dough itself. Basically the activity didn't last longer than about 4 minutes.
We ran out to the park at 3, praying to beat what seemed to be an impending rainstorm. The thunder had been booming in the distance all morning but nobody knew when the rain would arrive. We spent an hour at the park then ran home as the skies darkened. It was just a trick of the light, no rain fell, not a drop.
Phil arrived a little while later. She made us all personalized sailor hats, and a flag for our ship. Then we built a little fort, and played around with the photo-booth app for a while.
For dinner we roasted an adorable 1.1kg whole chicken in a pot. We flavored it with lemon and basil. It came out deliciously. We enjoyed it with rice on the side. Then a batch of Phil's chocolate chip cookies for dessert - and yes, I mean a whole batch (though Buzz ate most of them.)
Buzz ran amok for a while. He gave Pablo a ride on the SS Buzz, rolled around on the pillows, danced, jumped, ran around like a little lunatic - basically he had fun. Eventually we got him into his monster-pjs, brushed his teeth, and wrestled him into bed.
Z made it home from school and took Phil home. I straightened up a bit, then crashed in bed. I think it's time to sleep - tomorrow is another big day!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Caddie Cal

Friday morning was super busy. I cooked up: pastel, meat stuffed mushrooms, rice, sushi rice, and a whole chicken. The pastel came out beautifully (check out the pic below), and I actually cooked the chicken in the crockpot to avoid having the oven on for an additional hour+.

The shul/community 'welcoming committee' stopped by and dropped off really nice chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. It was really sweet of them!
Sarah Leah arrived at 3ish. Z and Buzz were out at The FamBily House, dropping off a goodie-bag for Phil. Sarah Leah gave me my yearly haircut (it's short again, up by my shoulders). Shabbos started on a nice note. Dinner was delicious - the chicken was so moist we almost had to eat it straight out of the crockpot. Then we relaxed, read, and ate a lot of dessert.
This morning Buzz and I went to the park for a while. Then we prepped lunch and set the table. Lunch was amazingly tasty and filling. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon eating desserts. A lot of desserts. Delicious but completely unnecessary. Phil came over and we had fun talking and watching Buzz be ridiculous.

Shabbos is so short now. Which left a lot of time to watch tv, listen to music, and eat a delightful melava malka. Eventually I dropped Sarah Leah off at the bus stop, and took Phil Home. Then Z and I watched some more tv.
Tomorrow we have another house related meeting in Jeru. I've also got to do a bunch of housework. Not so excited but not much to do about it, besides for doing it.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Clever Campaign

Yesterday turned into a big mess. We went grocery shopping but forgot to pick up some key ingredients for what's on the menu. Honestly I'm not sure where the day went - all I know is that it was completely unproductive. I didn't even make dinner. Buzz enjoyed himself though. He clomped through the house wearing Z's shoes, and then emptied out the baking cabinet.
This morning Z left for school at 7am. Buzz and I partied it up. We made and ate breakfast, cleared out the guest room and set it up for our shabbos guests, we swept the floor, washed all of the dishes in and around the dairy sink, made and ate lunch, cooked a little for shabbos, changed the sheet on the kiddo's room, then Buzz took a nap.
When Buzz woke up from his nap he played with a fun special toy that we take out every couple of months. He's still too little to play with it properly, but I like to keep the battery in good working order. He loves his mini-Buzz and we think of Aunt Foofoo every time we see it!

After baking a batch of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies we went to the park. Z met us there which Buzz was very excited about. Back at home I made dinner (well, 2 dinners...) then I baked a peanut butter chocolate chip coffee cake. The apartment smells delicious - that's for sure.

There is a whole lot to do in the morning. At least the sinks are mostly empty and the counter is somewhat clear. Hopefully I'll get everything done tomorrow - now that I've procrastinated most of this stuff for over a week.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh Lemon...

We had a VERY boring sort of day. Besides for doing a load of laundry and baking a batch of granola - I accomplished nothing. Thankfully we had dinner plans so we actually left the house. We joined up with The FamBily for a delightful dinner at the new Cafe Rimon in the BIG mall. Sara was on shift so we got to see her  too which was awesome - hopefully she'll come over to play sometime soon. The meal was delicious and a GREAT time was had by all. We let The Freddies sit by S&S, since we live right down the road with easy access to them. The kiddos were hysterical (as usual) and after the meal we set them free to play at the gymboree thingamajigger - they had a blast!

Some pictures from this evening:
Hopefully we'll get together again soon! It's always such an enjoyable way to spend time!

We even made it home to get Buzz into bed at his 8:30 bedtime - so everything worked out perfectly.

Tomorrow I might bake. Oh right, and I need to pick up that pumpkin from S&S too! Mmm, donuts for shabbos! Yup, that's gonna happen. Sarah Leah will be SUPER excited - especially since she's supposed to be coming for the weekend! I guess I'll have to organize the guest room - I kind of made a huge mess searching for Monopoly last weekend... Ah well, plenty of time.